Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spin Cycle: Recycle

We got an easy assignment for this week's Spin Cycle, we are just doing a re-post of one of our favorites.

Ideally it should be one of our more clever or well-written posts, but you're getting a repeat of one of my Disney posts from our trip there last year. Not because it's that good, just because, when I was looking through my archives (it amazes me that I have been posting fairly regularly for an entire year now) for something to post, I got hung up in September and enjoyed the memories so much I never moved on to October. So here you are, from September 16th, a post that didn't really have a name...


This is show and tell:

Pair One: purchased (on clearance for 2 bucks, yay!) specifically for the trip, please note the careful theming- Disney Princesses. Lasted less then a day. Possibly vanished at the Pooh themed play area in the Magic Kingdom.

Pair Two: used to be Elizabeth's, handed down to Lilli when grew too small, scrounged from the floor of the backseat of the car in desperation. Lasted less than a day. Last seen at the Boneyard play area in Animal Kingdom.

Pair Three: And I really liked this pair, too. Actually lasted a day and half before being casually tossed aside at the Toon Town play area in Magic Kingdom. Or at least that's what we were told.

Pair Four: Amazingly, we brought these home.

How did that happen? I can only assume it's because we didn't go to any play areas after we bought them. Somewhere in the bowels of WDW, in a lonely and forlorn Lost and Found Department, three pairs of small sunglasses wonder if we are ever coming back for them.
Not on a sunny day we aren't.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Hee hee! I think we may take a stroll over to the Lost and Found on Labor Day weekend and claim them ourselves! I remember this post. This was around the time you finally told me you had a blog! You're linked!