Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two Quick Things

My little mini-me, Lillian has had some extra ATTITUDE lately. I’m thinking the Twos are hitting her harder than they did Elizabeth. I’ll come across her sitting somewhere with her little arms folded and with a glare on her face, and I’ll say “Lilli, are you feeling cranky?” And she’ll say “No! I’m mad!” I can only imagine what she’ll be like as a teenager.

She sure doesn't look cranky here though. I'll have to get her to make her "mad" face for the camera.

One day Elizabeth was playing some game or another and she said that she was Mommy, Lilli was Daddy, and I was Elizabeth. So I said “Oh good! I would love to be Elizabeth. If I’m Elizabeth I can sleep 12 hours a night, and take a nap every day, and play all day, and have the mommy make food for me and clean up after me.” She looked at me utterly horrified and said “No, you CAN’T be Elizabeth!”

It seems she hadn’t realized how good she has things.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

He he, she may not realize how good she has things, but she sure knows where the grass is greener!