Friday, July 31, 2009

A Pwaydate!

Tonight the girls and I had another playdate with Sprite! It was pretty impromptu, but the way things worked out I think her mama must be a little psychic.

The girls were super excited when I came home from work this afternoon and told them what we were doing tonight. There were many shrieks of "A pway date! A pway date! YAY!!!!!" from Elizabeth. The girls had all kinds of fun. Have I mentioned how much the girls love Sprite? You're not sure? They love Sprite. On the way home tonight Elizabeth found a random piece of paper in her car seat and pretended to write a letter on it.

"Dear Sprite and Sprite's Mommy", she said. "I wuv you".

Here's a sweaty bunch of little girls:
Yep, a very good time. If they hadn't been ready to collapse from exhaustion I think my girls would happily have continued the party all night.
Next time though? A play date for mommies only! I've already cleared it with David. Maybe we'll finally be able to get more of a story out of our mouths than just the first three sentences. Woohoo!

1 comment:

Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, to finally put an end to the beginning of stories!
I am looking forward to it!
Thanks for the pictures, we had an amazing time and Elizabeth and Lilli are perfect examples for Sprite to perfect her potty skills!