Friday, July 10, 2009

Kissing Cousins....errrr....not literally....much

Much more hugging than kissing actually, which soothes a parent's mind, even at this sweet and innocent stage of life. But based on how Elizabeth kept following her cousin around saying "Oh, KAI, you're so funny! Oh, Kai, you're so silly! Oh, Kaaaaaaaaai, you're so awesome!" I feel we will have to have a discussion at some point about just how closely related we all are. Still.

If you're my Facebook friend then you already know that some of the below pictures can also be there. So maybe just close your eyes at the pictures and read the commentary. Ok? Ok.

Our nephew, Kai, and his mom visited my in-laws in South Carolina for most of the time that we were able to visit. Much to the girls delight. The last time they saw him was Christmas of 2007. They thought he was fantastic then (Lilli in sort of a smiley 6 month old baby way), and they thought he was just as fantastic this time around.


They made for a hilarious crew.

I have a very entertaining video (which I have decided not to subject you to for the time being) of the older two at the pizza parlor shouting out "Nose-a-roni! Ear-a-roni! Elbow-roni!" as possible pizza toppings. Good times.

There was lots of wild activity, Kai currently believes he is part cheetah and runs and growls like one much of the time. Delightfully, Elizabeth has, for the last two days, begun growling furiously if she doesn't get her way. I am so pleased about that....
Anyway, they did do quieter activities, we'd brought the girls' trains, and there is plenty of space at Nana's house to make the longest train ever. I'd still say "markering" was the favorite activity, and since I had refused to let Lilli use them before this trip, I'm sure my in-laws were grateful that they had purchased the washable kind. Did you know that if you color on a paper, touch where you colored and then touch furniture, you can leave perfect little finger and hand prints on the couch...and mantle...and table...and rug....and.... Well, you can.
So the girls were sad when it was time for Kai to go.

Super sad.

Which of course made me sad.
Weirdly, it also made me wish for a time machine, which I would use to go back in time to make them an older brother.
But then, with one more fiendish, cheetah-ish growl, the favorite (and only) cousin sprinted to his mom's car.
And the urge passed.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

So cute! Sprite adores her three male cousins too. Whenever they're visiting, she must sit with them and just soak in their awesomeness.