Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thank you! We are aware that he looks young! Shockingly young!

There was a knock on our door this afternoon.

David went to answer it.

Man at the door: "Are your parents around? I'm selling steaks, it's a great deal."

Taken aback, David said "No, no they're not."

He was telling the truth, because well, they're in South Carolina and all, but it's an interesting way to be able to get rid of solicitors.

But sheesh. He's 31, not 12, even though he looks young, a fact that is undeniable and extremely obvious. A fact that 99% of people that we meet feel impelled to point out, each adding the identical caveat that "people must tell you that all the time". More than once I have been asked if he's my son, even though when I am alone I am regularly accused of being in my high teens or low twenties. More than once someone has told the girls what a nice big brother they have. 14-year-old girls hit on him, right in front of me, making me thank God that he is not a pervert. He has a slim build and is boyishly handsome, if I do say so myself, and I get the confusion, but good gravy!

It's pretty funny that the same people who wouldn't dream of pointing out someone's bad skin or missing limb or pot belly can exclaim ad nauseum about someone's extreme height or GIANT pregnant belly (complete with a thorough fondling) or shockingly young looking face without realizing that its just as rude.

But whatever, we're pretty used to it (and I say "we're" because people who actually do think it might be rude to mention David's youthful appearance to him, have no boundaries at all when it comes to me.), so this business with the salesman at our door mostly goes into the category of Things That are Annoying, but Kind of Boring.

Except I'm now trying to think of ways to use this to my advantage!


Sprite's Keeper said...

When I was younger, my father got accused all the time of being my brother. He took me to get my hair cut when I was 15 and the cashier mentioned how nice ny brother was to drive me there. I gave her a look for a second and then realized she was talking about my DAD! (He just starting sprouting grays last year or so. He really does look young for his age.)

Rachel said...

Hah! I had the opposite problem. My dad has had white hair since I was 2. I spent my whole life telling people that he wasn't my grandpa. More proof that you just can't win! :)

shopgirl said...

OMG - That is both funny and annoying! Man, I used to get excited because people thought I was older than I was (which was great when you were 19 and trying to buy beer) but at 30-something - having someone think your older now? not so fun. So I say - embrace his youthfulness (but having a great answer to door-to-door salesmen? Priceless!)

Oh - and HI! I also found you from the Spin Cycle (even though this isn't a SS!)