Sunday, July 26, 2009

Reasons Why I Feel No Guilt For Not Using the WiiFit This Weekend

I got two children, fresh from morning baths, lotioned, powdered, into coordinated outfits (including shoes) with combed hair and out the door with a packed diaper bag in record time. Twice.

I sprinted up and down the walkways of the local outlet mall to accomplish all my errands in the minuscule allotment of time given to me by my husband (who was watching the girls on the playground- he would like me to clarify that "minuscule" is in the eye of the beholder. Or shopper). And scored all of the 4T t-shirts I've been looking for at delightful prices. Thank you Children's Place!

Ate a sub while repeatedly returning wandering toddlers to their chairs. Just my girls though, that other lady was totally on her own.

Did innumerable reps lifting a 28 pound weight (the 2 year old) up as high as my shoulders and out in front of me, so said weight could reach to make baskets in a game at Chuck E, Cheese.

Followed same child on many, many laps around the game room while pausing to lift her onto every ride/seat she couldn't reach on her own.

Repeatedly hit large button of the game where the force you pound it with determines how many balls pop up and into a dog's mouth. Experiencing a surprising amount of pain today.

Was used as a slide by my children for longer than I care to remember.

Spent much of today with 2 year old (in a clingy mood) attached to left hip. I may never be able to walk again.


So yeah, no guilt whatsoever. I've been active enough!

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