Saturday, May 30, 2009

Semi-Random Saturday

I guess I could also have titled this "Mildly Entertaining Things My Children Have Done Lately".

The other day I was trying to talk to someone and Elizabeth kept saying "excuse me! excuse me!" over and over. She doesn't understand that even though she's polite she's still interrupting. Finally I turned to her and said in an extremely exasperated fashion, "WHAT!" She looked me straight in the eye and said "I love you!" Sneaky kid.


When the girls are pushing the tolerance buttons we count. What happens at what number depends on who is counting, but they know that counting in a certain tone means that they are supposed to stop something or another. Although all I need to do with Elizabeth is make eye contact and start holding up my fingers. It works. But all this attempted discipline has taught Lilli a lesson. Now if you are doing something that she wants you to stop, and she says "Don't want it!", which is her way of saying "cut that out!", and you don't stop? She will start barking out the numbers in a very stern and forbidding tone. I imagine she's imitating her Papa. He sounds a lot sterner than he is. At any rate, it's hilarious.


Lately the girls have been pretending to give each other hair cuts. It reinforces my decision so far to never let Elizabeth use scissors, and I think that will continue for a while. And for Lilli also.


Lilli is a complete and total drama queen. If she thinks she should be upset about something, she opens her mouth wide with pooched up lips (makes me think of a chimp about to hoot) and lets out a totally fake "Waaaaaaaa, aaaaaaa, aaaaaaa". She has also been know to cast herself dramatically to the floor, the picture of utter devastation at the cruelty of the world.


Elizabeth has a charming new habit lately of forcing herself to drink as much water as possible before bed, and, since she doesn't like to get out of her bed in the dark alone to use the potty, ensures at least one or two visits by mama and daddy to keep her company as she empties her bladder multiple times.


We solved Lilli's latest bedtime reluctance by letting her take a crank-type flashlight to bed. She is perfectly happy to be tucked in alongside flashlight now, and since there aren't any batteries it just require a minute of hand cranking to keep her happy long enough to doze off. The only bad part of this is that i made the mistake of showing her some shadow puppets (the basic hand varieties, dog, eagle, bunny, etc.) and now I have to sing Little Bunny Foo Foo even more frequently than I used to. And I am so sick of that song.


So there you have it, semi-random. Random things all about one topic, my favorite one naturally. I could talk about them all day. I'll resist.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Don't resist! Sprite gives us problems too at bedtime. John's out of town this week so it's all on me to make sure she goes to sleep without hostages. I miss John.

Rachel said...

Yes I bet you do! It's killer when there's no one around to give you a break from the battle. We tag team the heck out of the girls. We keep them guessing, play good cop, bad cop, the whole bit.