Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Little Miss Negative

You know, I'm generally a really optimistic person. I was reading an article about that topic today (I'm afraid I don't know which magazine, I subscribe to more than my fair share), and it said something about how optimism is the best outlook for general good health and long life (for many reasons I won't go into). It did say that happy and optimistic don't always go together, but they often do. And I'm generally both.

Today though, was an interesting day. In the interest of discretion I'm going to be cryptic, but let's just say that I was reminded of what a cesspool the economy has become. And I'd kind of (optimistically) felt like it was starting to improve. Probably entirely because I recently had quarterly investment statements showing a gain for the first time in months, but I still felt pretty good about things. I even started flirting with the idea of buying a second (much larger) house for one fourth the price of this tiny little place since I'm seeing them advertised all over the place, and maybe renting out this one while we moved to the larger one and maybe I went for the third child can see how I got a little carried away.

Let's just say that after today I am not getting caught up in fantasy. I fully expect the economy to stay down in the sewer, the un-employment rate to soar, and me to be living on my stored 50 pounds of oatmeal, sugar and potato flakes before the year is out.

And I really need to get moving on that garden business.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

It's optimism that keeps everyone from becoming raging alcoholics these days. I'll take optimism with a healthy dose of realism every time.