Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spin Cycle: Prom

Heh. Prom. 'Tis the season I guess. I went to two of them although you won't find pictures on here since I'm not technologically savvy enough to have hooked up my scanner yet. Even though I've had one for three years. Provided I could even find the pictures that is.

My junior year of high school I was dating a freshman. We'll call him "Timmy". Nice guy, I thought he was cute, boy was he young. Really young. Neither of us could drive so I believe we took advantage of friends for Prom. I even believe my best guy friend cooked dinner for us and his girlfriend. I also believe it was Surf & Turf and was delicious. Of course I could be mixing it up with my Senior Prom. Man, who knew that the year you turned 30 your memory went?

One moment while I consult my journals.....


Well! I found the appropriate volume and right inside the cover was taped a leaf with "Rachel and...Tim" on it. That must mean that my Junior year had the Enchanted Garden theme for Prom. That friend who cooked for us actually created the artwork for the invitations, and it was amazing.


.....several hours later...
Unfortunately it seems that's about all I remember of my Junior Prom. It also seems that while I found a whole lot of entries (both fascinating and utterly embarrassing) that have distracted me from this post for a good long while, I neglected to write about my Junior Prom at all. Which has to mean that it wasn't that great. I do remember that I borrowed E's shoes for the event, the cutest cream colored ankle strap shoes you can imagine. Sadly E and I no longer wear the same size shoe, I am sure, since pregnancy did not agree with my feet. I also remember that the pre-prom pictures were hideous, which makes me really glad that I have no way to show them to you.

Senior prom was quite a bit different. I was dating another nice guy (We'll call him "Ben", no, not his real name either), this time actually in my grade and I'm afraid I was much more casual about the relationship then he was hoping for, and so even though I said yes, I'd kind of been hoping that his best friend would ask me, which was STUPID, because you know, they were friends, and this other guy was a nice guy too. But I was young and not 100% into reality back then. Anyway. Some of this prom actually made it into my journal, no doubt because of my teenage angst over this.

As a very (extremely) sheltered child and teenager, my dress was the most immodest piece of clothing I had ever owned. It was (*gasp*) sleeveless. I know, I know, I'm horrified too. Of course it was about as conservative as a sleeveless dress can be. But I really wish I could show you the one picture I have of me in that dress, because I must say, in a completely objective fashion, I was hot. Smokin' (huge puffy clouds of smoke) hot. I even had my first manicure in honor of the occasion, and naturally, since this was 1997, my nail polish was iridescent lilac. That was also totally hawt, I tell you. But maybe not so objectively.

I don't remember what the theme was, but I do remember that the highlight of the Prom was dancing with "Ben's" best friend, who had gone stag to Prom. And, although it is very unlikely, I've always liked to think that was in my honor.


This wander down memory lane was brought to you by Sprite's Keeper. Please check out her site to read other spins about Prom!


Sprite's Keeper said...

Remember the good ole days of high school when everything revolved around you, even if it didn't? I would love to see my old diary entries just so I could laugh at myself. Oh, the young. Great Spin, I loved it! You're linked!

MB said...

You're so funny. I always remember how grown up you and Amber looked when you were going to Proms etc. I always thought, when I'm their age, I won't be nearly as glamorous! Can you hear my sigh in there?

Casey said...

I can't believe you actually have journals and can reread all about your teenage angst whenever you want! I have one journal and I had to stop reading a few pages in since my maturity level back then gets old fast.

Anonymous said...

I have about 10 notebooks with dated "poems" and such things. I have yet to look into them. I think I would throw up if I did. From what I remember these notebooks have the corniest, most nonsensical crap in the world. Nice spin =0)