Tuesday, May 5, 2009

RTT: Making an appearance just to be random


I've been offline quite a bit thinking about stuff with my mom (her surgery is tomorrow so cross your fingers for her) and flirting with the thought of getting sick. Well, my immune system's thinking about it at least, since it seems to be taking the week off. Anyway, I'm making a rare (recently) appearance tonight just to participate in RTT


My wall calendar at work this year is kitten themed. I chose it partly because it’s cute, and partly to make up for traumatizing my cubicle mate with my MC Escher calendar from last year. Very highbrow, but a little freaky. This is much better. Although the picture for May? Not so cute. It’s a tiny striped kitten peeping out of a hatched chicken egg. I can only assume that the kitten ate the chick.

Here’s some irony for you. Last week I felt deathly ill. Smooshed by a truck, achy from head to toe, stay home from work kind of ill. I had a bit of a runny nose, but nothing that messed with my day or my sleep. This week? I mostly feel great! I’m not exhausted to an unusual level, the only body aches I have are caused by too much typing, although that might be changing. But I’ve got congestion that you wouldn’t believe. AND a cough AND the feeling that my lungs might explode. Not cool. And very irritating.

Does anybody or their kids play Webkinz? I fell into this thing completely by accident when I was walking by a Limited Too and saw these absolutely adorable stuffed animals through the window with a sign stating that they were Buy One Get One Free. I’m a sucker for a sale, so I went right in, and picked up two that I knew the girls would like. A dog for Elizabeth and a bear for Lilli. It wasn’t until after I’d cut the tags off to give them to the girls and saw a dire warning on the tag to SAVE THIS TAG OR ELSE, that I realized that there was more to it. We hopped right on to the website and they’ve been loving the game for almost a year even though they’re a little young for it. My job (besides buying the girls more Webkinz animals) has been to play the more complicated games after the girls are in bed to earn them KinzCash so the next time we play together they can stick to the easy games and spend all the “money”. But I’ve learned that this game apparently feeds into the collecting desires of adults too. I recently listened to a Webkinz themed podcast by an adult, for adults, and it was all about which stuffed animals were coming out, and which are being retired, and where you might be able to find the ones you were missing. In certain circles it’s a lot like that Beanie Baby insanity from the 90s, only with a game attached and there are a few fewer possibilities to collect. Although did you know that Ty now has a similarly styled online game? Anyway, I’ve lost track of my point if I even had one to begin with. Hmmm. Maybe I was getting at the fact that it’s a good way for the girls and I to bond without me having to go sit out on the lanai in their playhouse in the heat. And it teaches them computer skills in a much more interactive way then their Caillou software does. So yeah. That must have been my point.


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Sprite's Keeper said...

I feel your pain. I finally got some antibiotics for my sinus infection which has had me out of the loop for days. Not enough to not cross my fingers for your mom.
(They're crossed.) :-)

HeatherPride said...

Sorry you're feeling swiney over there.

I totally got into Webkinz when we bought a couple of little ones for Logan's stocking last year! I almost did a blog post about the whole Webkins economy. It's so clever! I love that you earn fake money to stock your fake house full of fake stuff for your fake pets! Now that's a real world lesson, I say!