Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My, how things have changed...

I was never a partying kind of girl, that's not my thing. But I never knew my New Year's Eve would come to this:

Craft project with the kiddos.
Ok, it was actually fun, and while they look pained and miserable, that is how my darlings look when they concentrate. These sticky backed foam pieces don't stick themselves you know.
Oh, and yes, I'm aware that Elizabeth is topless. She's into nudity lately and, while I try to give you a good picture of what life is like for the four of us, I can't post any pictures of her (now) everyday sprint around the house shouting "I'm a naked girl! I'm a naked girl!" Because I would go to jail. So, now you know. And I would like you to also know that she does not get this from me.
That's right, I'm looking at you, David.
Oh Lilli, we love you. You're a silly little girl though.

There's nothing like a foam crown to celebrate the New Year, right?
Thanks for the idea, Tahra! You rock!

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