Saturday, December 6, 2008


So, today my buddy C (that I've mentioned on here a time or two) moved to another state.

And of course I'm sad, and the finality of it is especially getting to me. Another friend noted that I was talking about this like she was going to be dead. Which is of course not the case. And, as the other friend pointed out, there's e-mail and all these friendly technologies to help me feel like C is still just over on the other side of 82 instead of a couple hundred miles away. Which is what I'm pretending to help me deal. It's not the end of everything. But of course I worry that it is. Some of you who read this blog are very aware of just how cruddy I am at keeping in touch. This is not the first time I have strongly resolved that I will e-mail (write, call, whatever), and always before I have at first and then I just don't know what happens to me. I guess I get distracted and then I don't know how to explain my lack of contact were I to try it, so I don't want to call and feel stupid, so I don't... It's a vicious circle.

I'm a little bit hopeful that maybe I won't do my usual fizzle this time due to the fact that pushing 30 seems to have made me all nostalgic. Thanks to Facebook and the wonders of blogging I'm back in contact with people I haven't seen or talked to in years. And I missed them. Not that you would know it by my contact with them, but I did. So maybe, just maybe it'll be ok. *sigh*

C, you're going to have to help me. And I miss you already.

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