Saturday, December 6, 2008

A milestone I'm not so proud of.

My last post depressed me so badly I thought I'd better do a quick pictorial recap of the good parts of today to cheer myself up again. You get to be a part of that. Yay!

So, we had a 3rd birthday party to attend for the son of our good friends. You will note that none of our friends or their children who were there are pictured. The whole "forgot to ask them if they minded" thing again. So if you see a child, they don't belong to our friends, so I don't much care what their parents think. Muhahahahahaha!

Anyway, the party was held at a gym-type facility called "Pump it Up". We've been there before and we liked it (I mentioned it several posts ago. The place that the army should hold basic training at? Remember?). Knowing how exhausting it is there and the planned timing of food (party starts at 12:15, food a couple hours later when typically my children should be napping), we stopped for lunch on the way. And Lilli achieved a milestone I'm not so proud of.

Her first Happy Meal:

Although you have to admit she does look really happy.
So, the point of this place is the inflatable bouncing thingies, obstacle courses and what not. All guaranteed to wear you out. This was Lilli's first time here.
"Mama, why have you put me in this giant letter P?"
"What? I climbed in here myself? And then refused to come out? Lies, Mama, Lies!"
For Elizabeth it was all about the bouncing. And the bouncing. And occasionally the falling down. And then some more bouncing:

Why what have we here? Oh yes! My darling's posterior!

Climbing the mountain:
Not an easy feat when the baby isn't helping at all.
Well, except to demand "More Whee! More Whee!"
Look at the above picture, close your eyes for a second, and then take another look. Do that about 10 more times and save me the upload time.
"Mama, why have you set me down here among these strange children?"
"What? You say I know that one in the back? Why yes, I suppose I do! I guess she decided to join us after all. I told her not to take one last run through the obstacle course, but she never listens to me."
Oh look! There's the purty Grandma who came along. Hi Mom! I was very impressed that you went down the slide. Twice!

Hmmm. This is an interesting study. On one hand, the bottle she isn't supposed to have. On the other hand, well, IN her hand, an entire slice of pizza.
Baby or Big Kid? Baby or Big Kid? I guess we'll figure it out eventually.
Meanwhile I'll treat you to an action shot of Elizabeth with cupcake:
As you can see, it takes proper concentration to lick off all the icing without accidentally getting cupcake in your mouth.
Ahhhhhh. I feel much better. I was sappily singing "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music to Lilli as part of her lullabies tonight. "...when I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feeeeeeeeeeel so baaaaaaad". And now that I have (my girls being right at the top of my list), I don't!

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Adorable pictures! We're heading to Pump It Up for the first time ourselves a little later this month for a birthday party which should be interesting. At least I'll be able to see how much it costs for just playtime and if it's worth it.