Monday, December 22, 2008

Rachel, Destroyer of Innocence

Last night David and I were talking about what Christmas traditions we want to follow as the girls get older. In passing, he said something along the lines of "Oh yeah! I thought it was so great when we'd go out with my parents on Christmas Eve and we'd come back late and the presents would all be there. I was always amazed by that." I, supposing this was the direction the conversation was headed and mentally thinking ahead to how this would be great to do for our girls someday said "Oh yeah, they had your neighbors do that."

Well, apparently he didn't know. His mom had told me that, but never mentioned it to him.

So in one blow I managed to ruin a great mystery, taint a happy childhood memory, and crush his innocence. And that last one is a quote.

Not a bad day's work FOR AN EVIL PERSON. *sigh*

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Sprite's Keeper said...

The force is strong with you..
I would never trust our neighbors to come into our house while we're not home to ransack through our things. Of course, that's now. Back then, we actually trusted our neighbors with our KIDS.