Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ready Made

All you need to know for the sake of putting the following AIM conversation in context:

1)The best ham in the world can be found at the Honey Baked Ham store, and

2) C is a veggie. Or what normal people call an ovo-lacto vegetarian.


...Me: and it is usually the ambrosia of the ham world
C: ah
Me: you'll have to trust me on that of course
C: I must admit I am not a hamspert so what you say goes
Me: I like hamspert
Me: that is a great word
C: lol
C: for your blog
C: I read horridious
Me: aha! yes, I make up all sorts of fun things by trying to talk too fast. But seldom are they even better than two actual words. Well, more descriptive better anyway
C: what triggered that word?
Me: a really bad joke on the radio that I can't even remember. It was both horrible and hideous.
C: loll
C: not funny and obscene
Me: funscene?
Me: o-bunny?
C: unfunscene
Me: oooooh
Me: it was definitely unfunscene. Just horrideous
Me: ahahahahaha
Me: I enjoy this
C: and this is how the english language is ever growing
Me: do you object to this conversation appearing on my blog?
C: lol
C: so long as you use the usual discretion
Me: of course

Nothing like a blog post that does the work for you.

Which is a good thing since my video related "big plans" came to nothing tonight due to the fact that Elizabeth's cooperation quotient is pretty much negative when she doesn't have an afternoon nap.

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