Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spin Cycle: Making Up My Own Meme

I've tagged myself on a few memes, but this is the first time I've tweaked one to my own satisfaction.

This week's Spin Cycle is featuring the meme of our choice, so I'm doing a variant of what I've heard of as "6 on Sixth" or "First/First" or "Last/Last". You pick a number and display that number picture from the same number photo file on your computer and then explain it. Get it? I'm sure I could have said that more cleverly if I'd given it some thought, but it's late and I'm tired. So take me as I am tonight.

So, that being said, here's the first picture from the first photo file on my computer. This is Elizabeth from December of 2006. It appears that she is picking her nose, but she wasn't a nose picker at the time, so who knows what was really going on here:

That first file covered 6 months, so here we are with the 2nd picture from the 2nd folder that covered June and July of 2007. Here's Elizabeth at our friend's restaurant, Trattoria Limoncello (located in Punta Gorda, Florida. Amazing food, seriously.). She was about to be a big sister, but I'm pretty sure she didn't know it yet.

3 from 3. August 2007. Elizabeth looking a little rough. It's not her fault that mama was too distracted with baby Lilli to brush her hair. I was on maternity leave and Grandma was over that day to play with Elizabeth. Lots of pictures were taken, most of similarly poor quality.

4 from 4. September 2007. Action shot of the play area at a local mall.

Since I have an oodle of picture files, here's where I start skipping ahead. Here's 8 from 8, January 2008. Poor Lilli. The first shot of her on this post and it's not very attractive. That's ok, she's still my little honeybun.

12 from 12. may 2008. This sandbox has seen several years of solid use now and it's still holding up great. It's not even faded even though it gets the afternoon sun every day. Thanks Little Tykes, I'm amazed!

16 from 16. September 2008. Visiting "Gweat Gwandpa" in Pennsylvania. Intense concentration on something or another.

20 from 20. January 2009. Riding in a "surrey" at the park.

24 from 24. May 2009. Lilli, all business, at the park. A different park than the last one. Less wildlife at this one. More mulch.

And finally, 28 from 28. September 2009. Elizabeth's birthday cupcake tower.

There. Nobody can say I'm not very thorough with these memes, right? You can be thorough too, just head on over to Sprite's Keeper and check out all the Meme Spins and maybe snag some ideas. I, for one, am off to do exactly that!

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Sprite's Keeper said...

John actually wants that cupcake tower! He saw it at the store and called me to see if we should get one. The only reason we didn't is because I never make cupcakes enough to qualify for it! Great pictures! You're linked!