Monday, September 28, 2009

More about that Lilli

I know I owe you a whole lot of stories about our trip to Milwaukee last week, but that could take quite a while, I'm still not RECOVERED from said trip to Milwaukee, and this child is a corker.

So let's talk about her.
Tonight she walked into my bathroom and was playing with some of her bath toys that are on the side of the tub, and suddenly said "Mama! There's an ant on the bathtub!" I said, "It's ok, it's just getting a drink of water." That's because I was feeling a little lazy and not in a squishing mood. And THAT is because when I got home from work my dad told me that as I was rushing out the door this morning, one of our many lizards had rushed IN, and I had apparently stepped on it and squashed it near to flat. Or at least that's what he presumes happened since he discovered the still twitching remains by the front door, guts a-splattered. Feel sick? Yeah. Me too. So no wonder I was not in a squishing mood. Heck, it pretty much got me out of an EATING mood tonight. One thing about my father, he's descriptive.

Lilli though, was unaware of the Lizard Incident, and said "No ant get water, ant on bathtub! I get it!" I said "You're going to get it?" She said, "Yes! I get it!" I said "Okaaaay, do you want some toilet paper?" She said "Yes pease!". So I handed her a piece of toilet paper and she wadded it up in a very business-like fashion. As far as I am aware she has engaged in bug stomping previously, but I am not aware of any bug squishing experience. She wadded up the paper like she knew what she was doing though. Then she started moving bath toys. "Where ant go? I no can find him!", she said. Suddenly, there was the ant. "What are you going to do?", I asked. Her little hand darted out sure as lightning strikes. "I get him!", she said triumphantly. Sure enough, she got him.

Yep, she's a corker. And I know who's going to be killing spiders for me in a few years.


P.S. Here's bit of Milwaukee for you. The dresses. I loved the dressssssssssssses.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

The dresses are beautiful! I wish Sprite would start killing spiders. When she's about 10. John can handle them until then.