Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can't Focus!

I just can't concentrate enough to write much of anything coherent. Brief thoughts:

I had to go on stupid birth control (yes, it's my first time, we successfully do NFP, which I'm sure you wish you didn't now know), to get a handle on my wild and crazy hormones. In theory this will help me not want to rip any one's head off at certain times. Oh, and it will help me not be even more exhausted then just staying up till all hours of the night should cause, and a whole host of other issues I've been developing over the last 2 years. Apparently I never got in balance again after I gave birth to Lilli. So everyone around me should be grateful that this will potentially solve my problems. If I'm still feeling like a mess in a couple of months, I'll go back to the doctor and we'll explore other options. BUT I'm peeved because I'm not the kind of girl who remembers to take a pill at X o'clock every day (and yes, the doctor suggested starting with the pill instead of the ring, patch, or shots), AND even though I wasn't using all these perfectly good eggs that go to waste every month, what with the economy and all, I resent the fact that now there will be a chemical removing the option of a surprise (ok, 99% of the chance of a surprise). So I'm cranky and disgruntled, and, as I'm sure has become very obvious, in need of hormone therapy of some sort. *grumble*

On a more cheerful note (the moods are swinging like crazy tonight), two cute Lilli things:

1) She said her very own bedtime prayer without any help, and it was ADORABLE. "Heavenly Father, We're thankful for this day, please bless it, please bless my bed and my doggie, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." It was very sweet. Sorry to go all religious on you.

2) I must think how to clean this next one up for print and Google searches. She was cuddling me before laying down tonight and had her face buried in my...chest...and was inhaling and exhaling deeply. I said "Lilli, what are you doing?" She said "Smelling you!" I said, "Why are you smelling my...chests?" She said "Because they smell so sweet". I'm relieved that my daughter has noticed that I shower. And she's dang cute.

There, now I have to go and do something that requires nothing from me at all mentally.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

So, you're going to sleep, right? :-)
Those are pretty dang cute!