Sunday, September 6, 2009

And the weekend is only two thirds over...

Yesterday brought us fun with chapstick:

Today brought us a trip to a ditch.
And there I was without my camera.
We were merrily driving down the road when an older gentleman decided he'd try to make a right turn from the center lane, and apparently didn't notice there was a car (us) next to him, kind of sort of in the way.
In a (what I consider) masterful piece of driving, David brought us safely to a halt, but it involved some major swerving around the guy, jumping a handicap access to the sidewalk, and the aforementioned trip to a ditch. There's still a minimum distance required by brakes when coming to a sudden stop, no matter the skill of the driver, and the ditch was kind of in our way. And it was a deep one. Fortunately it hadn't been mowed in a while, so a mass of greenery held us up and we didn't roll, although that was maybe more of a possibility than I'm really comfortable considering. Lilli, looking down (unfortunately) out of her side window, commented "That's a big bush!" We like that bush. Although David tells me that it wasn't a bush, it was Ragweed. Ragweed that happened to be more than 3 feet tall.
Ironically, the same guy who ran us off the road (who was utterly horrified by this turn of events and went white as a sheet when he saw the girls in the backseat, I thought he was going to have a heart attack. As I said, he was older), just happened to have recently purchased a tow kit for his SUV, and had just thrown it into the back today. With the assistance of a nice guy in a van who stopped to help (and apparently knew what he was doing), the men got the car hooked up. David got the girls out of the backseat in case we rolled over once the car was moving again and we didn't have the support of the plants, and I, who had climbed up into the driver's seat because the whole 90 degree thing wasn't working out for me so much, put the car into neutral and steered, while the SUV towed, and David and the Van Guy tried to support our car, and the girls stood on the sidewalk holding hands, staying perfectly still like little angels.
Somehow there is no damage to my car, not even a scratch. And more importantly there is no damage to my little girls.
I really love Ragweed- Ambrosia artemisiifolia.
Sounds pretty, doesn't it?

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Omigoodness, you must have someone watching over you! Knowing this area and how people drive, it's all too common to be run off the road. An elderly gentleman almost sent us careening off I-75 today too. But with the girls in the car? SO glad you're okay!