Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spin Cycle: A brush with celebrity..

Before I lived in Florida, I lived in Ohio.

Ohio is a great place but I'm not aware of a lot of celebrities that visit it. Sure, plenty got their start there, but they left as quick as they were able. For this week's Spin Cycle we're sharing the moments when we brushed shoulders with the famous or the semi-famous.

My list is pretty pitiful since nothing much exciting has happened to me in Florida either.

The fall of my freshman year at OSU I went on a dorm trip to Chicago. Mel Gibson happened to be filming Payback that weekend, and I watched him from across the street.

I knew the president of Nationwide Insurance. Woohoo! There's some glamour for you.

I know a guy who is a dead ringer for Orlando Bloom. It's scary how similar they look. Sure, he's not the real thing, but if you saw him you would think it counts too.

If I've met some more I either can't think of them or I've forgotten.


Of course there was the time I ran into Sprite's Keeper at Publix...


Sprite's Keeper said...

You're funny. I could say the same about you!
You knew the president of Nationwide Insurance? Was he really on your side?
I think I remember seeing Mel Gibson's movie, Payback. Wasn't Donnie Wahlberg in that movie?
Great Spin! You're linked!

Rachel said...

Actually, I don't know about the company, but the guy was definitely awesome!

Hannah said...

LOL! You are so funny! I LOVE reading your blog!! I usually read it in "reader" though....sorry! I'm lazy ;) I totally relate with growing up in OH...not a lot of celebs there for sure. BUT did you know that Eric Clapton lives there?! In Dublin or Upper Arlington I think...?? Anywho-I think that's pretty cool. AND we may have even seen him or run into him but just didn't KNOW it! :) ps your girls are stinkin' ADORABLE!

Joanie M said...

My daughter often gets mistaken for Anne Hathaway.

HeatherPride said...

Ha! The encounter at Publix is the best by far!!