Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Hunting We Will Go...

I love Egg Hunts. I love them with a fiery passion. With the heat of a thousands suns. With more hearts then there is water in the oceans....

You get my drift.

If I had my way our family would frolic from Egg Hunt to Egg Hunt for the entire month preceding Easter, and we may yet do that when the girls are older, but for right now my darling husband gets in my way. He is not nearly as excited by this idea as I am. I'm not entirely sure what it is that I love about them so much, but its something to do with the fact that Egg Hunts are the only time you can go treasure hunting in the real world (unless you're like, Mel Fisher or something). And they also have some of the elements of a gladiator-type to-the-death match.

Anyway, today we went to one at church. It was awesome, but I'm going to be a little bit cranky if I can't go to at least one more this "season".

Here's Lilli and Grandma with the chick that Lilli made. Ok, Lilli didn't really make it because I became a craft making tyrant and took over. I can't help myself sometimes. The wings are totally her hand prints though.

Here she is in hot pursuit of the eggs. This was her first hunt and she sure got the hang of it quick.
Elizabeth is a veteran hunter these days. She's finally caught onto the fact that you can't lolly gag around at one of these events or the eggs will be all gone. THIS IS A COMPETITION PEOPLE! MOVE! MOVE!

Ok, technically, at this particular egg hunt you were only allowed to pick up a certain number of eggs which took the brutality down several notches. I was still urging her on though.

Part of the excitement of these hunts is checking out the loot inside the eggs, naturally:

I find it utterly charming that upon opening each egg Elizabeth would say "I wonder what's in this one? Oh! (joyfully) Candy!" Every. Single. Egg.

Yep, we had a good time. But I'm going to be doing some more research on the net tonight.


Keely said...

Oh! Candy!

I wish I said that more in my life, lol!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Great pictures! Sprite will miss Ft Myer's annual hunt this year, but she'll have one at preschool this week so she'll bring home those plastic eggs for the dogs to demolish. (And my confession? I don't do Easter baskets. Is that mean?)

jen said...

i love egg hunts too! we put one together every year for the family. i'm so gonna plant eggs this year for the girls in our mini-easter holiday! easy egg insert? coins. plus they sound so fun to shake!

MB said...

Very cute! I like the photos of your parents! It's crazy to see them. They haven't changed much to me