Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RTT: Blech and stuff...


So! The great Swine Flu watch of 2009 continues. As of this update we've got one case of complete recovery (apparently not the Swine Flu) and one case of total false alarm (but still a major attitude)- well maybe, she's still suspiciously warm in spots. And I've got a sore throat, a headache, and am sore down in my bones. David appears not to be even aware that the ladies of the household may be trying to participate in the Pandemic. Or at least an epidemic. We'll keep watching the developments.

All of this Pandemic business has me thinking about a book I just finished reading. Well, listening to on my iPod. I like to read/listen to books out of the "Youth" section of the library sometimes. They are frequently enjoyable and often less violent and disturbing than adult books of similar genres and that's restful for my brain. I can't say that this book was not disturbing though. It's by Susan Beth Pfeffer and is called "The Dead and the Gone". It's a sequel to her book "Life as We Knew it". The basic gist of the plot explores what would happen if an asteroid knocked the moon slightly out of orbit so it was a little closer to earth. Like environmentally. And what happens to society. It's the same series of events told through the eyes of two different families. One out in the suburbs/country, the other in New York City. Disturbing as it was, I kind of hope she continues to explore this theme from some other view points. At any rate, eventually the survivors of all the chaos run into the flu. And there isn't much they can do about it. So while pondering the what-ifs of the Pig Flu, I keep thinking that maybe I'm both taking it too seriously and maybe I'm not taking it seriously enough, as images from this book flash through my head.


The other day Elizabeth was taking a bath and was pretending to be a manatee. David whispered to me “I’m going to have some fun!” He went into the bathroom, picked up one of her tub toys and dropped it on her saying, “Oh no! A boat!”. In a very injured tone, and, in my mind, speaking for all manatees, she said “Heeeeeeeeeey!”

Yes, we are easily entertained in these parts.


I've decided to go and commit myself to good health. Not biting the bullet and joining HASAY yet, but I've taken some very positive steps towards my goals in that last week and a half. So I find it very ironic that at the present I have the following items in my freezer:

1 pint Haagen-Daz Five Brown Sugar ice cream

1 pint Haagen-Daz Coffee Frozen Yogurt

1 quart Baskin Robbin's Rainbow Sherbert

1 half gallon Breyer's Praline Pecan ice cream

1 half gallon Friendly's Black Raspberry ice cream.



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Sprite's Keeper said...

You will need to get rid of those extra pints of ice cream in order to join HASAY.

I have a spoon.. :-)

Keely said...

Yes, as a pre-req for your HASAY membership, that ice cream must be sent to me. In lieu of Casey, who's, um, sick this week.

And I imagine that's what most manatees are thinking, yes. Or, "OW! Sonuva...!"

GreenJello said...

The ice cream is killing me, too!

But I'm being a good girl right now, eating my oatmeal. At least, until the ice cream starts calling my name again...