Monday, April 27, 2009

False Alarm. I think.

I feel a little ashamed to say it.

I was good and worked up yesterday due to all the Internet fear mongering, and it turns out that Lilli is just fine. And Elizabeth definitely does not have the Swine Flu, her fever is all gone.

She definitely has one heck of a snotty nose though. And a little bit of an attitude. Actually, they both have attitude. Nothing new there. They were sent to bed early tonight to think about their behavior.

Ok, no, it was really just because Elizabeth's snotty nose kept her from napping. And when she can't sleep she kicks her wall, which keeps Lilli from napping. She hasn't figured out that if she can't sleep she could get out of her bed and quietly play with her toys and we would never know. Instead she lies in her bed as if chained to the thing. If she does get out of bed to use her in-room potty chair, she guiltily leaps back into bed like she has been very, very, bad. And then lays there and kicks the wall some more.

I will tangent here to state, that yes I realize that we are well into the modern age and are past the era of chamber pots. But Elizabeth needs to have a potty in her room because I put one of those door knob covers on the inside of her door (which is shut to keep the cats out because 2 of them are big and like to snuggle and these girls I have are little) so she can't get out. And with great power (she's potty trained) comes great responsibility (I prefer her not to pee in the bed). I'm sure its some kind of safety hazard to physically prevent her from leaving her room at night, but I can't sleep as long as there's a possibility that she's wandering the house. And me with even less sleep than usual is a much bigger safety hazard.

Anyway, there was no nap/not a good nap, so there was an early bedtime. More importantly though, we seem to have dodged the Pig Flu bullet, but I am very good at settling back into lethargy only to be rudely awoken. Sometimes literally. By like, a vomiting episode.

So we'll see.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Sprite seems afflicted with something so I'll have to let you know what we have over here. So far, the runny nose and a bit of a cough, but no fever, so technically, she's school worthy, right?

Rachel said...

ooooooooooh. yes, let me know. I will still hope all is well! And yeah, I think they have to have a fever before you're forced to keep them home. Which is handy. Unless of course you get rude awakening. I've never run into child vomit that wasn't accompanied by one.