Monday, November 2, 2009


I really shouldn't do a Facebook photo album before I do a post on a holiday. It takes all the oomph right out of me. On the plus side I can now be super succinct. Which might be preferable on a Monday.

So! We had a good Halloween weekend!

Here's Elizabeth and Lilli at our church fall festival. This is one of the only pictures we have of Elizabeth in the dragon costume that she desperately wanted. It was just too hot. Cinderella made a good alternate. One of the most entertaining things that happened was that they had a doughnut race. You know, where several doughnuts are attached to strings and you need to try and eat yours first? Well, both the girls hate doughnuts, but they really wanted to participate, so it was pretty funny to see them eagerly try to bit their doughnuts, only to make horrible grimaces every time part of one got in their mouths.

Here they are post-pumpkin carving on Saturday morning, all dressed up to go to Toys R Us for their costume parade. They wanted to get going and were not cooperative at all about posing for me.
The most entertaining thing that happened at Toys R Us is that Elizabeth acquired a stuffed giraffe that she named Spots and carried around and adored for the entire day. And then she promptly forgot it existed the next morning. Typical! Since it added to our Webkinz collection, and I'm the official earner of Kinzcash for the girls to spend on their pets, and a new Webkinz added some new items and influx of Kinzcash, freeing me up for a few nights off of playing the games to earn them MORE Kinzcash, I'm really ok with the giraffe. Even though he's neglected already.

Here they are after trick-or-treating around the outlet mall. By this time they were so sweaty that that its good that I'm sparing you any pictures of them from the front.
The most entertaining thing that happened at the outlet mall was that everyone who tried to tell Lilli what a cute little fairy she was was answered by "I not a fairy, I Tinkerbell!" I tried and tried to get her to understand that Tinkerbell is a fairy, but she would have none of it.

Here they are trick-or-treating in a real-life neighborhood, courtesy of our friends P & K. My neighborhood is half empty thanks to the deprecession (as I call it), and the houses are comparatively spread out. They live in an adorable, perfectly circular, gated community, where the houses (while much larger than in my own neighborhood) feel like they're practically steps apart from door to door. Much better for the young ones. Especially young ones who have been celebrating for the entire day. And thanks K for the girls' buckets! Maybe you didn't expect me to actually use them for trick-or-treating, or to forget about them since you gave them to us a month or so ago, but they were perfect.

The most entertaining thing from neighborhood trick-or-treating is that Elizabeth met several nice dogs. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but she has been afraid of dogs, and to actually pet a bunch, even one bigger than her, without freaking out, was a step in the right direction.

So, it was good. Of course Elizabeth woke up sick this morning, which could be due to too much fun or due to being around zillions of other children and families during flu season, but only time will tell us that one.
Here's hoping you also had a great weekend!


Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, I love the pix! I also can't wait until we get to see you next weekend! I'm thinking we should also schedule another playdate at my house (or yours!) for the Holidays and the girls can help with making cookies.

Rachel said...

Sounds good to me!