Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Picnic Weekend

Continuing my recap, on Saturday we went to a 3rd birthday celebration for the lovely Sprite. We arrived uncharacteristically early, managing to get there a full 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

I could be completely truthful and say that the reason for this is because we were going to try and get Lilli and David both haircuts that morning, but we were running too late for that, but I won't.

Lilli especially really needed a trim, poor shaggy little thing. Her daddy always wants to get a haircut, but in reality he always keeps it too short for my tastes. Elizabeth gets her curly hair from SOMEWHERE you know.

See Lilli with that juice pouch? She can suck one of those down in seconds. I have no idea how she does it. On more than one occasion I have been unable to resist chanting "Chug it!....chug it!...." I really should get on video tape the sight of her cute little inquiring head tilt as she asks "Chug it? What chug it, mama?"

Anyway, although the girls were full of the simple joy of going to a party for one of their favorite people, there was the added joy of a bounce house. They bounced themselves silly.

Lilli especially bounced herself into some middle of the night vomiting. It was bright pink, very in keeping with the theme of the day, and that's enough said about that. Although I should add that she didn't mind the episode one bit, and we actually were not aware that she'd had the episode until the next morning. When it was mostly dried up. Annnnnnd enough.


Pausing in bouncing to contemplate a shockingly beautiful day.

And speaking of beautiful, look at that cake!
I couldn't add my good picture of the cake since upon closer inspection I discovered that it revealed Sprite's true name. And we couldn't have that, since I'm pretty sure, as is the case for all faerie princesses, that revealing her true name would cause her to go *poof* in a shower of glitter!
At any rate, it was a beautiful and tasty cake, which I sort of caused to come into being (a very convoluted story, that one. I did not help bake it though. Like the Little Red Hen's friends, I just wanted to help eat it).

The cupcakes (which I may or may not have had a hand in the creation of) were also tasty. At least it appears that some sort of critique of them is taking place in the below picture. And then the one in the photo mysteriously disappeared.

The girls had a blast though, John proved he can work a grill, and here's the lovely host herself!
Thanks for inviting us, Jen! It was a great party!

And Happy Birthday Sprite! I can't believe how big you've gotten in just the year I've known you in person, let alone in the time I've been reading about you!
P.S. The girls are looking forward to their next play date!

On Sunday, even though we were a little bit iffy about whether we should or not, due to Lilli's vomiting thing, and Elizabeth developing issues at the other end of herself (also bright pink), we went to David's Work Picnic, which happened to be at the same park. We had originally thought it was taking place at the same time as the birthday party and we were trying to figure out how were going to work being in two places at the same time. Fortunately we didn't have to.
The food was amazing, but the shelter was absolutely as far away from either a playground or a bathroom (a risky thing even when one's children are 100 and 99% potty trained) as it could get, but the girls had a ton of fun with Daddy doing this:
I stayed in the shade. It was a lovely thing.
And nobody got bit by a fire ant. Also a lovely thing!

And I had been told that while Lilli and I were in Pennsylvania, Elizabeth decided that she is now a Big Girl who is Too Old For Baby Swings. I finally got to see it.
She even knows how to pump her legs. It must be some sort of genetic memory in little girls.

Overall, it was a good weekend (as most are, admittedly, just by virtue of being a weekend). And Grandpa stories are still on their way!


Sprite's Keeper said...

Bright pink?!?! Omigosh, there's a surprising wake up! I hope Lilli is okay! (The poop I can handle. Sprite herself gave me neon orange when she was a tiny thing and it took a call to the doctor's office to realize it was the cheezits I had been scarfing down. Never touched them again. ) :-)
We had an amazing time, I need to get your magic spatula back to you immediately and we need to schedule that playdate for some holiday cookie making!

Rachel said...

She's totally fine. I think it was the bouncing combined with no nap. As I said, they both had too much fun to care what came up or out. :)