Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Spin Cycle: 11 Random Things I'm thankful for...

11 was not the number I was aiming for.

There are 30 days in this month, so I thought I'd share 1 for each day. Well, things came up, and I never got past 11. Granted, I could have filled up the list merely with food items I'm thankful for (ice cream! An NY strip steak medium rare! Sour Cream and Onion "Tater Skins"! Pepsi! Etc.!), and padded it with books and movies that I'm glad exist, but I decided to skip the fluff. Or at least I want to pretend that this list is the way it is on purpose, and there are 11 things for November being the 11th month. Ok? Ok.

Things I'm thankful for:

1. My husband- the most awesome, best ever husband in the world. You may think otherwise, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.

2. Elizabeth- She's serious and smart, but really, really silly sometimes. She loves to dance and sing, and ask for stories.

3. Lilli- She's my super sweet snuggle bunny, a total drama queen. Loves music, loves to talk. Favorite phrase: “Mama, I neeeeeeeeed you!”

4. Friends and Family in general- Who else can both drive me crazy and keep me sane?

5. Employment- I may not be doing my dream job, whatever that is, but food is on my table, and I’m grateful.

6. My cats- warm, furry, and snuggly. They don’t need walked or taken outside multiple times a day. What more do you need in an animal? Bailey even plays fetch.

7. My little blog- As I said in my very first entry, I type faster than I hand write. For journaling purposes, what could be better than a blog? Until the day that nuclear winter descends on us, my memories are a lot safer in the intersphere than they would be on paper or in a word file.

8. Everyone who writes my favorite blogs- Tons of semi-strangers who aren’t strangers at all, that I can laugh and cry with every day. Intimate biographies in real time.

9. Facebook- Don’t laugh. It has let me re-connect with people that I care about and lost touch with. I’m really bad about keeping in contact, and I can do Facebook. I can “like” someone’s status update or photo album, and hopefully I’m conveying what I think I’m conveying, which is that I see what they’re up to, and I care about it.

10. Digital photography- I’m not good at taking photos or anything, and I don’t have a fancy camera, but it gives me the freedom to click away like a mad woman and capture every second of my little girls’ lives. I love that.

11. Podcasts- another thing that keeps me sane. I’m blessed to have a job that lets me listen to my iPod all day long.

Of course I'm thankful for more things than these (Black Friday Shopping Marathons! My comfy couch! Back rubs!), but these are high up on my list.

This is the first year we are going to talk about what it means to be Thankful with the girls. We're even going to attempt to make a Thanks chain along with our hand turkeys. It should be interesting to see what they come up with. I suspect that Elizabeth is really thankful for My Little Pony and Cinderella, and Lilli is thankful for Dora. But it's a start.

What are you thankful for?


Sprite's Keeper said...

I'm thankful for friendships like the one I have with you!
By the way, I keep looking at your magic spatula and thinking you may be needing it this weekend...
You're linked!

Rachel said...

Oh awesome! Let me edit the title then! I completely forgot that this was the Spin Topic this week. [smacks forehead] that one should have been obvious.

And I should say that another perk of reading blogs is that sometimes you find out that you live practically next door to the writer and you discover that you have a ton in common and you bond, and your children bond, and then you live happily ever after!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

What a great thankful list. You and I share a lot of the same things we are grateful for.

MB said...

AMEN! I like your list. And, I'm thankful for...working cars, education, the ability to read (that goes with blogs and facebook too!), ability to travel to see family when they live far away, and...trees. I like um.

Oh, have you heard of the podcasts: stuff they don't tell you
or radio lab?
those are some GREAT ones!