Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back, and with monkeys...

Why Hello! How have you been?

I've been to Pennsylvania to visit my grandfather. He's 95 (and three quarters, as he says), and you just never know what's going to happen, despite his good health, and he hadn't met my Lilli yet (he met Elizabeth last fall). So she, my mom, and I flew up there last Friday. We stayed in Pittsburgh overnight before driving out to the "Pennsylvania Wilds" where my Grandpa has lived for 60 or so years. He's in an assisted living facility these days, but still sharper than any tack I've ever felt, with bulging biceps to boot. I'm not kidding about the biceps, but that's a story for another day.

Of course I have tons of pictures because I felt pressed to document every second of the trip, just in case it happens to be the last time. I actually feel like that every time, and the sense of urgency doesn't go away even though he continues to stick around.

Anyway, we had a great trip, and pictures and stories will follow, but I wanted to start with a video. Like everything else lately, I've already posted it on Facebook, but I have a cute kid and just can't help myself. My mom kept playing 3 Little Monkeys with Lilli and letting her jump on the hotel beds. Needless to say, it got stuck in her head:

Being her mother, I naturally think she's adorable. And I love her expression when she tells me "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!" Like I said on Facebook, to me she's perfectly clear, but if you aren't around toddlers a lot she may be hard to understand. Personally I just like to look at her.

I have a lot of trouble uploading videos to Blogger and I usually end up scrapping video related posts since I can't get them to work, so if anyone knows how to do the You Tube thing so my mom can show videos of the girls to her co-workers (among other reasons), feel free to send me an e-mail!

Anyway, this is one thing that came out of my trip. Let me add that this is pretty cute the first time. Maybe even the 20th time if you're related to me. But she LOVED reciting this. To the point where she wanted to repeat it over and over. And if you said "How about the Alphabet song? How about Twinkle Twinkle?" She would respond "No! I can't!....Three Little Monkeys...."

Grandpa stories later!


Sprite's Keeper said...

Darn work won't let me see! Tonight! I'll come back!

MB said...

That video IS very cute. I agree.