Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Pictures 2009: The Outtakes

At our photo session we got several great shots like this one:

But we also ended up with all kinds of ones that weren't. That may have been a bit my fault.

See, when we got in the room, Lilli, who had been completely psyched up for picture taking, suddenly got a case of the shys. The extremely kind photographer set up the camera, handed me the remote, and told me to go crazy. So I kind of did. After using up all those pixels I figured the least I could do was buy the CD of the session, so along with the good ones I have ended up with a bunch of shots like this:

That was a nice shot of Elizabeth's bum, eh?
And this:
The store manager actually asked me if I was looking for seasonal work due to that last shot. Apparently I have a fast trigger finger to catch Lilli mid-jump.

I got lots of shots of Lilli making unattractive faces per her usual habit:

Really sometimes I'm amazed that I have any pictures of her looking pleasant at all.
I did take some photos of nice moments, they just weren't quite right artistically.

Cute face, but this is the reason why waving a feather duster at my children to get them to smile doesn't work. They try to get awaaaaaaay.

Ah. The eternal battle. One child smiles, the other does not.

Awwww. This would be sweet if someone was sitting like a lady.

Done with posing even if no one else is, ready to play with the props.
And there are so many more. So yes. Sometimes I'm amazed that we actually get attractive pictures out of these children.
But we do. Ahhhhh.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Bwahahaha! I love these!
And Lilli can claim she's taller in the second one!