Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One Day in the Kindom Part Two: Princesses

Today was a good day!

Elizabeth had her 4 year old check up! She's 40 inches tall and weighs 34 pounds. She got a gold star for being healthy and having the proper amount (plus a few extra, if you ask me) of smarts. By extension, I got a gold star too. That always reassures me that I'm not failing at this parenting business.

The only traumatic moment came when they looked at her eyes with a fancy new machine, and the results showed signs that she may have the exact same situation with her eyesight as I do. One good eye, one "bad" eye. In my case, my "good" eye compensated for the other so well that I didn't have actual problems with seeing things until middle school, and didn't need classes until college. But I don't want her to head that route if she has my eyes, and there are preventative things that can be done, so we'll be going to the eye doctor for confirmation. *sigh* Just another thing to obsess over.

On to the fun stuff!

So, the Princesses. In my opinion, my girls have come late to their love of Disney Princesses. And they're still not as into them as most of the little girls I know. They have favorites, Cinderella in Elizabeth's case, and Belle in Lilli's (and my!) case, but there's no constancy to how much they want to pretend to be princesses or play with any princess stuff. But that sure doesn't mean that Elizabeth didn't want to see them when I took her to the Magic Kingdom.

Oh yes she did.

I can't tell you how many times I circled the park going from an area of the park we had been playing in, to Toontown to check on the wait time for the princesses (it kept getting longer, the park was PACKED), and off to a different area of the park. I wish I had a built in odometer.

On our third visit to Toontown, we decided to look around the main souvenir shop, and add to our Mr. Potato Head collection. When we were checking out we were chatting with our cashier who both must have felt sympathy for our repeated trekking and the super long weight, because she thrilled Elizabeth by presenting her with free cotton candy fresh out of the machine.

The only reason she doesn't look thrilled in this picture is because I made her stop eating it to take a picture:

Much, much later I decided that enough was enough and we were going to suffer through the queue. Despite the lateness of the hour, Elizabeth was totally game for it, all day long she had been asking when we could check on the wait times again.

I can't say how late it was though, because I fear David's wrath. Let's just say it was after the fireworks.
So while she was totally up for seeing the princesses (see above), she ended up spending the majority of the (lengthy) wait, like this:
It was worth it though, when she finally got to walk into the room and see this lady:
As usual, she never looks as happy as she actually was in pictures. You'll have to trust me.

Despite Cinderella being her favorite princess, Elizabeth had decided that she really wanted to see Belle the most, and Belle was last. So she was pleased to see Cinderella:

But moved on quickly:

She was DELIGHTED by Belle.

I think it was mutual.
Of course Belle is paid to be that happy about the mini princesses, but Belle certainly gave me my money's worth.
I really need to start playing the lottery, so I can maybe win it, and then I can maybe live at Disney World.
In the castle of course.