Monday, October 19, 2009

Stolen Pictures

Those of you who have not yet given into the man, and are not my Facebook friends, have no doubt missed being inundated with pictures and the every day minutiae of my life lately.

I've been busy.

But here I am to catch you up on some of what you've missed.

Remember how I went to Milwaukee last month?

I know, it was so long ago that I'd almost forgotten too.

Welllllll, to bring you up to speed, my darling children made their debut as flower girls. An experience that they absolutely loved and would be happy to repeat any time, anywhere, for anyone. You just let them know.

Sadly though, I did not have any pictures of my children walking down the aisle, because I was too busy being a Nervous Nellie to take any myself, and also forgot to give my camera to anyone at the wedding. D'oh!

So you would think that with no pictures of The Walk of my own, I would be crying over the hole in my photo album, right?

Nope. I stole some off Facebook. Two from the bride, one from one of her bridesmaids. Muhahahahahahaha!


Entrance (after they removed all the petals from their basket however):

Skirting the photographer:

And now I'm content.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

You made two very pretty girls. Good job!