Thursday, August 7, 2008


It ocurred to me that I haven't really mentioned much about my baby. Well, if you can call a freshly turned one-year-old a baby. She's my baby anyway. I've been wondering for a while just how much she understands since at this age her sister was a lot more verbal (although just barely cruising go figure, while the little one toddles at top speed). Lilli's vocabulary consists of "Mama", "Dada", "Papa", "Up" and "Buh!" That last one was "bird". Sometimes when I ask her questions (such as "where's your ear?") I get a nice blank look. "Were you speaking to ME, Mama?" So today I was trying to get her to demonstrate to her Grandpa that, as I've been telling him but somehow he has never seen, that she can, indeed, say "bird". More or less. So, she wasn't particularly co-operative despite that fact that her big sister was helpfully "bird"ing and tweeting right in her face. So, I sighed heavily and said "Where's your sister?" Her little pointing finger zoomed out so fast she almost took my nose off. This was a first. Thrilled, I clapped excitedly and said, "Where's Papa?" Zoom! Out came the finger. "Where's Mama?" That was greeted with a pointed stare. As in "DUH!" Dejectedly giving up again. I sighed and said "Oh Lilli". ZOOM! The little finger pointed right smack dab at her chest. So she does understand. She just chooses not to talk about it. Thank heavens for baby sign.

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