Monday, August 4, 2008


Just thought I would mention that Pump it Up locations should be used by the Army for basic training. My older daughter went to a birthday party there last Saturday. It's a franchise of an indoor play gym of the bounce house variety. Not being 3 yet, she needed assistance on some of the inflated climbing walls and obstacle courses. Having left Daddy and baby sister at home for a nap, guess who got to assist? Yep. We spent a good 40 minutes in each of two play areas and I was pooped before we got to the second room. Where I encountered the Inflatable Maze of Doom. Through a tube, under a low hanging "beam" over a slippery hill with no handholds (I pretty much had to throw myself over that one), up a higher hill, through another tube past a blockade, and up a climbing wall to a slide. Over and over again. Because of course a certain small someone thought it was the best thing ever.

I still hurt.

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