Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Come in!

Occasionally about an hour after my husband puts Elizabeth to bed we start to hear a little rustling over the monitor (the one we'll keep in her room until she's ten if she doesn't catch on), a little shaking of Effel (a once pink elephant with a barely functioning rattle inside). We hear a few whimpers (totally for effect), and a little voice calls out "Come ih-in.....come ih-in". Boy that's really hard to spell. Imagine it very singsongy. If you check on her she pops up in her crib (we'll keep her in that until she realizes that she can climb out any time she wants to), and says "Hi!!!! I peed!"
Even though we bicker over whose turn it is NOT to check on her, I have to say it's nice to see her again so soon and maybe get a little cuddle since I'm in charge of nighty-nighting the baby sister. But let's not tell my husband that!

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