Saturday, August 2, 2008

Line Jumpers (p.s. mild Breaking Dawn spoiler contained, so bear that in mind please)

Let me tell you a story about a story. I'm a fan of the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. I'm not completely rabid, although I do listen to a shockingly large number of Twilight related podcasts. If you are somehow not familiar with the series, it is "Young Adult" fiction that can really be summed up by my saying that Human girl and Vampire boy teenagers fall in love and chaos ensues. I was extremely excited anticipating the release of Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the series, today. Or maybe by the time I finish typing this, yesterday. Excited to the point that I made plans to attend my first ever "release party". I enjoyed the Harry Potter series, but had no interest in wandering around a bookstore late at night with a bunch of teenagers dressed up as various wizards and witches. Apparently I don't mind wandering around with a bunch of vampires though.

Anyway, my friend (we'll call her "C", she's not really into being splashed all over the internet) agreed to attend with me. She has had limited exposure to the books, mostly an ill-fated dalliance with the audiobook version of New Moon. What she knows about the series has mostly come from me. But she likes release parties. So, after much contemplation (Borders or Barnes and Noble? Borders or Barnes and Noble? What to do? What SHOULD we do?) we made our plans, left our little ones in the care of their daddies, and off we went to our event (Borders).

It was a good time. Lotttts of teenagers though. C and I fall into the category of "Twilight Moms" so we were in the minority. Have I mentioned that the teenyboppers were EXTREMELY excited? I mean, I was excited, enough to periodically spasm with joy, but I can't say I did a lot of shrieking. We did semi-dress up though. Amazing how a red satin ribbon draped over a black shirt looks like the cover of "Eclipse". Well, I had pre-ordered my copy of Breaking Dawn and requested that it be shipped to the store. But I did it kind of late so I fully expected that I wouldn't be picking up my book this (yesterday) morning when everyone got in line at Midnight. But I happened to call, and my book was there, locked up in the managers office. And I found out that I wasn't going to have to wait in line. They were just going to hand me my book. My buddy C, who, remember, has not read the books, got herself on the waitlist at the store just for fun, and picked up a raffle ticket. The two big prizes of the entire event were to be first in line to buy your book. Or get a free book. So guess who won the free book? Yep, you guessed it. The one person in the store who would take this triumph totally in her stride. Yep. She was too busy putting everything back in her purse to even shriek a little. Hearts were broken last night. To her credit though, she was pleased. Free is always a good thing.

We casually sauntered up to the front preparing for 12:01, completely and totally skipping the pushing shoving mass of teenage girls. I was the second person in the store to get my copy, she got her free copy and we ran for it. And I got to read the whole thing unspoiled. Ahhhhhhhh. Bearing in mind I did that though, I should probably go to bed.

But before I go, here is my only spoiler about the book. It had a happy ending. And that's my kind of ending. I love you Stephenie Meyer!

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Hannah Johnson said...

I LOVE THIS POST!! LOL I don't know if you read my post on Twilight or not but I waited until after Breaking Dawn to post about my obsession with the series! We have similar stories...not exact but some similarities..LOL you'll have to read it some time if you haven't all ready! So fun!!

*ps, yes I'm still a bit hiyper and giddy about things I'm REALLY REALLY excited about!*