Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday This and That

One story from the panda party that I somehow forgot to mention is this: When the last two boys (together) whacked the pinata, they actually managed to knock it to the ground. But it didn't break. Pretty much all 17 children looked at me like ".....uh...." so I said something to the effect of "GET IT!" Almost all of them dove at that poor panda head and literally ripped it to shreds in less than 30 seconds. They were crazed. There were INJURIES. I'm not sure if you call that an unfortunate incident or a highly successful pinata.


Lilli is kind of funny. She's been talking a lot about how she wants a baby "brudder". Both girls said tonight that if they had a baby brother they would want to name him "Sid", presumably after Sid the Science Kid. Well, we told them that we have a boy name all reserved if we ever go for a third and it turned out to be a boy. It's girl names that we struggle with. Lilli offered the following choices for a girl: "Mistake", "Trashcan", "Monkey", and "Carrot". I'm thinking she wouldn't react so well to someday having a little sister.


If you would, say a little prayer, send good thoughts to the universe, light a candle, whatever it is you do, for Elizabeth tomorrow. She has her long awaited (by me) appointment with the neurologist and I want it to go perfectly. I want cooperation from the doctor (be willing to test her), and if there is something wrong I want him to find it easy. Nobody knows a kid like their mama, and I've felt for a long time that something is wrong. I don't care what it is, we can deal with anything, I just don't like the wondering and suspecting and the brush offs my concerns have received so far. I want some answers! So wish me luck with that one.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Best of luck with Elizabeth's appointment! Let me know what happens!