Sunday, July 24, 2011

On the way to Hilton Head

I attempted to post the below last Sunday from my mother-in-law's computer during a rare moment online this last week, but for some reason it just wouldn't publish. So I'm not sure what the time stamp will be on this post, but we got home from vacation about an hour ago (it's Saturday night), and of course we've been glued to our computers since we walked in the door (ok, since after we put the girls to bed) because we've missed them! Might be time to invest in a laptop, eh? Sensible people who've been in the car all day would go to bed. That's what deprivation does to us.

So, from last Sunday:

When driving up to see my in-laws, the best way to do it we've discovered is to drive through the night. We left at 9 Friday night and got here at 5 yesterday morning. The drive was pretty good, but of course it is long (supposed to be 9 hours, but we were maybe exceeding the speed limit just a bit), and the more tired I got the more my mind wandered. Some of the things I thought were:

"Gotta get around this drunk guy, gotta get around this drunk guy, gotta.... (repeat about 6 times)"

"It is really not fair that everyone is sleeping in this car except me (most likely also thought by David when it was his turn to drive)"

"It's too bad that alligator farm isn't open in the middle of the night"

At 2:30 in the morning we stopped at some sort of gas station/food mart combo. It was super well stocked and it had a spotless ladies room. We thanked the clerk by buying a bunch of junk food. That is what happens at 2:30 in the morning. We left the parking lot with beef jerky, Cheetos, puffed Cheetos, salt and vinegar potato chips, orange juice and Pepsi. Then we proceeded to eat too much of it. Even the girls. Deeeeelicious and the beef jerky kept me awake until 4. David had to do the final stretch of the drive though, because I was done in. When we got to my in-laws' house we realized that we kind of hadn't made any plans with them on how we would let them know that we had made it. So we sat in the car for 20 minutes and we were just about to go knock on the door when my father-in-law, who had woken up even earlier than usual came out to investigate the weird lights in his driveway. So yay!

We had a great day yesterday, and last night David's sister arrived with her son Kai who is just a little bit older than Elizabeth, so all this morning he and Lilli and Elizabeth have been playing. And screaming from all the excitement. And playing some more. And screaming some more. Good times. At any rate, I got online to look up some of the touristy stuff we want to do while we're here, even though the real reason for the visit is to hang out with Nana and Papa, so I thought I'd do a quick blog entry. I can't upload my pictures, but I'm sure I'm sure I'll keep that upload button pretty busy when I get back.

Yay for vacation! And also for a week of sleeping in!


So that was last Sunday. It's funny how vacation in Hilton Head goes. The first two or three days seem endless, like we have all the time in the world, and then we blink and its our last day. I spent my turns driving home listening to music and trying to avoid thinking about all the things we have to do this week. Kindergarten starts a week from Monday, we have both the Kindergarten and Preschool open houses this week, I was able to schedule Elizabeth's EEG and MRI for this week so we don't have to pull her out of school for them, we still have some school supplies to pick up, we've got a violin lesson Tuesday and presumably the new season of dance class starts this week (gotta look into that one ASAP), I have to schedule Elizabeth's dental appointment (she's getting sealants to keep her a cavity free kid as long as possible) and lets not even talk about all the work I have waiting for me at my job. I'm always punished for taking a vacation, but its always worth it. Anyway, no pictures tonight, but I took a ton of them, and even my cruddy little camera can catch the girls being cute every now and then, so I will have a bunch to share. Unfortunately, after looking through them I've realized that you can't tell that I was actually on this vacation, as there is minimal photographic evidence of my presence. But since that's usually what happens to this camera girl, that's just the way it goes.

It was great to be on vacation, but its great to be home!

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