Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spin Cycle: Decorating Dilemma

For this week's Spin, the Spinner, the Keeper, the Master Decorator herself has asked us to put our twist on the topic of decorating. Sadly, I have no amazing before and after photos to share, just a plea for decorating suggestions. See, we moved recently, and I find myself with all kinds of space I'm not used to having and am not prepared to fill. So help a girl out, would you?

Disclaimer: I meant to take actual for real pictures to serve as potential "before" shots, but I didn't, so what you get are two photos from our little mini birthday celebration for my mom's 65th birthday last weekend, that happen to show my house.

First, do you see how tall these walls are? They are like that throughout the house. Ignoring the bday decorations, what do you put on walls like that? While I'm tempted to cover all the walls with pictures of my children I need some more practical options.

Next, behind my mother is my front door. I'm sorry it is so hard to see. We get lots of afternoon sun. Both doors open (outwards), although we only regularly use the one on the right. I need something in the entry, but it needs to be something that doesn't break up the flow of the walls or that can be symmetrical. Any ideas?

Sorry it's a plea, not a triumphant declaration of decorating prowess. You should probably head over to the Keeper's online house and see how she's been decorating it with other spins. But first leave me a comment or an e-mail with some suggestions please!


Sprite's Keeper said...

Ooh, that front door is consternating! I know I recommended a slim console table or something, but I need for you and me to take a trip to Ikea for ideas. Idea? Ikea! Well, now it's the other way around. :-)
You're linked!

CaJoh said...

I would suggest on the doors to put blinds. They could match the color scheme as well as block out light when you want to.