Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Lots of disconnected thoughts and events without any pictures don't usually make a post unless it's a Tuesday and you're participating in RTT, aka Random Tuesday Thoughts. Which I'm not. And I might actually scrounge up a picture before I'm through, but I am making NO SENSE tonight, so who knows what I'm going to come up with and I am embracing the random.


Tonight I triumphed over dinner by creating turkey burgers (mighty tasty ones with shredded Parmesan and garlic and good stuff like that mixed in) and corn on the cob practically out of thin air in record time. And that's after swooping into the kitchen post-violin-lesson at 6:30 with no idea what to make for us to eat since I can't make a menu for the week when there's Mandatory Over Time at Work involved in my life. Since the girls ate all their dinner and were still in bed at 8 I'm quite pleased with myself. Woohoo!

Speaking of violin lessons, we're on number 7 I think. I am really happy about how that's going. Not every three year old can say "pizzicato" or "arco" much less demonstrate the difference (plucking the strings vs. using the bow). Miss Lilli is really picking it up. She told me today that she loves Mr. Jonathan and wants to draw him a picture of herself with her violin, so that's just another good thing about it.

My husband has hidden my birthday present. That might not be unusual, except that I'm the one who bought it on my way home last night. It was a little weird (and sad because I want it right this second) to bring it in the house and hand it over. It actually reminds me of what happened with my engagement and wedding rings. My Grandma wanted us to use hers, and since they are beautiful (free was also an attraction) I had no problem with that. So I had to watch my Grandma give my rings to my then husband-to-be at Christmas, and then WAIT 6 MONTHS FOR THE PROPOSAL. It was a little painful. And even though I only have to wait two more days (a day and a half? Whatever. Until Thursday night.) this feels pretty much the same. Weirdly, my birthday will be the 11th anniversary of my engagement. So strange how life repeats itself in all kinds of ways. Oh, what am I getting? Well, even though I know what it is, if I have to wait until Thursday you do too!

Talking about my birthday reminds me. I saw on one of the blogs I read (and I read so many that I'm not sure whose it was) that the blogger, who also has a birthday this week and is also turning 32, has declared this the year of Thirty-Do. I think that is a fantastic idea. I stink at New Year's Resolutions, so I just don't make them. But a year in which I do everything I've put off? That sounds fantastic. I have to give some thought to what I would put on that list, since there are tons of things I have put off and I have to be a little selective, at least at the start, but I think its a great idea that I want to embrace.

By the by, I did scrounge up a picture:

Yard Sale Find= Delight

They love driving this thing around the neighborhood. Personally I wish it hadn't been in such good working order. Particularly the sirens and horns. But what can you do with a 3 and 5 year old? They just can resist working buttons. And no one has driven into a ditch yet, so we're pretty happy with the whole thing.

There. That's some Tuesday randomness for you. I'd like to just keep on going, but I have a To Do list 65 miles long and its not going anywhere.

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Hm, so I guess when I turn 35 in September, I can go for Thirty-Thrive? :-)
Happy early birthday, Rachel!