Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lilli Art

The funny thing is that if I were to label one of my children "the artist" it probably wouldn't be Lilli. But I like two of her recent drawings a whole lot.

These are "Pet Dander":
We tried to explain that pet dander aren't bugs, but she didn't buy it.

Here she's written about them:
"Once upon a time there was 3 (although there are only two) psdfgdgsdf...." and then she ran out of space and interest. I enjoy how she writes without any regard at all to spacing. Still she has pretty good handwriting for a 3 year old if you ask me.

Below is a mother(bald!)-daughter portrait:

"This is you mommy, taking a picture of me when I was a baby"

At least she accurately remembers her infancy, eh?

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Sprite's Keeper said...

So cute! Sprite is not quite up to stick figures yet, but she wants to write everything now! Only she keeps asking me to stand over her and direct her in spelling. Making dinner is taking longer and longer these days..