Sunday, June 26, 2011

Semi-funny pictures and knowing that Monday is almost here...

I take tons of pictures of the girls with my little point and shoot camera. Mostly just because I adore those little girls, but also so I can pull a fair amount of decent photos out from the mess of eh-ness. Usually the "eh" factor comes from the weird faces my children make, but there's often blurriness to deal with as well as my attempts to take indoor photos with the flash in situations that my camera can't handle. But as I said, it's usually the less-than-attractive faces they can make that gets me to hit that delete button.

Sometimes I like to keep them anyway though, especially when they're kind of funny.

Welcome to Moe's! Or not.
She looks like she's telling people to stay the heck away and it just makes me giggle.

Just so you don't think that face is an indicator of our weekend, here you go:
There's the happy!

And in Lilli's case, there's the OH MY GOOD GRIEF WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY BABY?!?!?!?!?!

She says she wants to have hair like Elizabeth's and Mommy's hair and she asked me to fix her hair like it is in the picture. Since Elizabeth has long curly hair and I have short straight hair, and Lilli has long straight hair, all that means to me is that she thinks she is too big for bangs. Way to break your mama's heart, Lilli! NOW she looks like she'll be turning 4 in a little more than two weeks. *sniff*

Except for my "the-babies-are-growing-up" internal sobbing, we had a great weekend. I had to work, these things happen, but we spent Saturday afternoon and evening at Coconut Pointe, a large outdoor mall/shopping center fairly nearby and got some errands done and played on the playground and had some good family time. After church today we had lunch at our friends' house and the girls have had a nice long quiet time this afternoon. So really, for heading into my birthday week not only knowing that I have to turn 32 on Thursday, but that we're still on Mandatory Overtime at my work, it's gotten a decent start.

Fingers crossed on the rest of it!

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Sprite's Keeper said...

Please tell me there's no overtime on Friday and you have time for us! We would love to see you and celebrate your birthday!