Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spin Cycle: Sum Sum Sum Sum Sum Sum Summertime, yeah....

Summer doesn't mean what it used to.

The journals from my youth (you know, the ones that I'm always talking about) are full of summertime adventures. Camping trips and getaways, and Wyandot Lake (a very small amusement park in Columbus, Ohio) and the pool, and this musical I was in for several summers in a row. Very few vacations are mentioned, since when I was growing up we were not a Family That Vacations. But still, I had good times with friends and boys, that were only mixed in with work (part-time) after the summer before my senior year of high school. Pretty idyllic times I have to say.

Those same journals include at least one exceptionally whiny entry every August bemoaning the fact that I had to go back to school the next day or the next week and that I would never have any fun agaaaaain, and that school would be so awwwwwful. Never mind that a week later I would be writing about all the fun I was having in school, summer seemed especially golden. I remember beautiful days in which I would wake up at 2:30 in the afternoon, stumble into the shower and then head off to a rehearsal of that musical, or a date, or a movie with friends, come home on the late side, and then stay up until 3 in the morning reading or listening to the radio in the dark. Perfect bliss.

You know what summer is like now?

Exactly like the rest of the year.

Down here in the south end of Florida, it has felt like Summer since the end of March. Since the girls are obviously not in school yet, the only thing that marks the advent of Summer for me is the change in the seasonal displays at Target. I saw some great beach and outdoor stuff there today, it must be Summer!

Now that I am part of a Family That Vacations (Or At Least Would Not Be Against It), we still don't vacation in the Summer as a rule, because we seem to need to save all our personal days for things that happen at other times of year. Christmas travel, or visiting family, or short getaways. When do I start getting to take 2 weeks or a month off in the middle of summer to go lay in a hammock by a cabin up on a mountain somewhere? Not a beach, as you are all aware, I am not a beach person, but I would really enjoy a mountain hammock.

Maybe some day when I start playing the Lottery, and win it, and become forever independently wealthy, I will get to lay in a hammock and flash back to the restful summers of several years ago.

Until then I'd better spend more time at Target.


Posted for the Spin Cycle in conjunction with the rest of the Summertime spins over at Sprite's Keeper. Get yourself a glass of lemonade, and start reading!


Anonymous said...

It's my goal in life to own and operate a real, true hammock. Sigh...

Great spin! Happy summer days!

Rachel said...

Camille, if anyone is likely to earn their way towards independent wealth and a well deserved hammock, its totally you!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I can't believe the way you and I think. I was writing a Spin exactly like this with reflecting back to the good ole days when Summer meant something (in fact, my title didn't change..), but switched gears to swimming lessons. Thank goodness I did that. Yours is SO much better! And I was at a certain Forum Target yesterday after work with a certain little girl who would not stop running long enough so I could look for swimsuits for myself. We're going back tonight with John as back up. :-)
You're linked!

Rachel said...

Hey! That's the Target I was at! How did I miss you? Swimming Lessons are an awesome topic. I hated them in my youth. HATED them. I'll look forward to reading your Spin tonight!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

A mountain hammock sounds heavenly... I know what you mean with the girls not being in school - up until this year, the summertime blended in with the rest of the year...this year, since she just 'graduated' from Kindergarten, it takes on a different 'feel'...mainly the inability to be able to take time to go somewhere else any other time except when she has a school break - like summertime... ;)

Loved your spin! Have a great weekend! :)

Kingsmom said...

Man, both you and Jen don't like the beach yet live in FL????

Do you guys know something I don't?

Rachel said...

Stacy- Yes, I can only imagine how we'll work out family obligations once we have school to work around. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Kingsmom: Familiarity breeds contempt? Also, its hot and unshaded at the beach.


kendrasue said...

We were never a family that vacations either and now that funds are tight as a parent I think I understand why we weren't that family!