Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I've almost been kissed to death, but I'm cool with it...

I know I've mentioned Miss Lillian's very fresh ways.

I will be locking her up once she decides she might start liking to kiss boys due to her tendency to kiss everyone with her mouth wide open. Well, in the last month or so she has decided that I'm extra fun to kiss, and will kiss and kiss me until I almost can't breathe. She's incorrigible.

It's pretty fantastic.

It's funny how two little girls can be so different. Elizabeth is very sweet. Both tender hearted and gentle and almost overly sensitive in her loving ways. She will lay her little cheek on yours and just close her eyes in utter bliss. She is also very independent and is pretty cat-like in that she will approach you for cuddling when she wants it, but will probably shy away if you initiate the snuggles.

Lilli is very boisterously loving. She will throw her arms around your neck or leg or whatever she can reach, squeeze as tight as she can and plant a big wet smack on the nearest part of you. She wants to be hugged a lot and if she could be a baby monkey attached to my back all the time she would do it in a second. And I would love that too, except that she's giant for her age and she weighs a ton.

I have a weird theory about their personalities.

When Elizabeth was born I recognized her. I know that doesn't make sense to a lot of people, but when they handed her to me, all slimy and kind of blue-ish, I saw her little face and immediately thought "Oh there you are! Where have you been?" I immediately felt like her mama and like we'd always been together, she'd just been away for a while. When Lilli was born I didn't have the same sense of deja vu. In fact I remember being kind of startled when I saw her because her face wasn't already in my head. And (quite possibly due to the EXCRUCIATING PAIN I experienced giving birth to her) it took a good couple of hours before I started to feel the same bond with her that I felt immediately with Elizabeth.

It sounds weird, but its almost like she was gifted with a major willingness to display her affection as sort of compensation for (or least a balm to soothe my guilt for) my not immediately bonding with her when they put her on my chest. With such a loving and open personality like hers, who couldn't love her back with the same intensity that she displays in every kiss and hug and joyful shriek of "Mama! Yuv (love) You!"

I know I couldn't resist if I wanted to.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, so sweet! She has a perfect sweetheart face and mouth to accompany that exuberant lovefest too.
I'm yenning for another playdate VERY soon. You up for it?

Rachel said...

I'm totally up for it! What are you doing this weekend?