Monday, June 15, 2009



I hate being without a camera! My children keep doing cute things and I have no camera to capture them with. Yes, I suppose I could grab the video camera, but I prefer to click at them.

This past weekend the girls looked very cute dressed up as Super Why (Lilli) and Princess Presto (Elizabeth, although she actually likes Wonder Red the best) at a "Super Why?" event at Toys R Us. I could have easily taken 30 pictures just of them having fun during that. They also looked adorable riding together in the little Toys R Us truck (the one you put a quarter into and listen to it play the theme song three or 4 times while you get good and nauseated just watching the thing move). I could have taken two or three pictures just of that.

I would have liked to have taken several pictures of the massive pile of pizza crusts on Elizabeth's plate after she finished chowing down her lunch at Stevie Tomato's on Saturday. She was also making awesome faces over her chocolate ice cream during our visit to Coldstone. Her sister was making greedy delighted faces after having stolen her daddy's smoothie. I don't get to keep them anywhere other than my head.

Elizabeth was having a Very Good Hair Day yesterday, all dressed up for church. Believe me, that is rare and worth capturing. And I like the dress Lilli wore very much and have yet to take a picture of her in it. It didn't happen yesterday either.

Tonight we had a rockin' pajama party, complete with new Wonder Pets nightgowns, a viewing of The Wonder Pets Save the Bengal Tiger, apple juice, popcorn and a big huggy pile on the living room floor. Plenty of memories to capture and I couldn't.

It stinks.

Where is my camera, you ask? Well, I may have mentioned it, but I killed it on my trip to Wisconsin by not closing the water bottle I stored in my backpack with the camera bag. Plenty of days to dry it out have not improved the situation, which has led me to the (perhaps) desperate step of buying a new one. And for some reason I decided to order it online. Leading to The Great UPS Truck Watch of 2009.

I don't remember the last time I anticipated a package arriving so much, and the last time they days went by so slowly!

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Sprite's Keeper said...

That camera better arrive double quick..