Thursday, May 26, 2011

It goes so fast...

Talk about a time warp. Only 3 posts ago I was talking about a certain young missy's first day of preschool. Well, today was her last day. She seems to be mostly taking it in stride, but I'm a little broken up about it. This is more AGING that she is doing. We start Kindergarten on August 8th. We've already gone to the orientation. KINDERGARTEN. SHE WILL BE 6 IN SEPTEMBER. The next thing I know she will be in COLLEGE. Then she will get married. Then she will have babies. WHICH WILL MAKE ME A GRANDMOTHER.

Yeah. I'm not taking it so well.

They gave her a nice little tote bag with her picture on it and a portfolio of some of the art and projects she did this year, as well as a copy of her kindergarten readiness assessment, and a preschool diploma.

See my adorable little graduate?
I kind of feel like I should have sent out announcements.

Tomorrow night is graduation and I'm excited for her, but also a little apprehensive because she has a fairly large part in the program because she reads very well. Although reading skill turned out to be pointless because she memorized her part, but that means she won't want to have her paper up there with her, AND MAMA IS NERVOUS.

Here's what she's saying:

Welcome everybody,
We welcome everyone.
We're so glad to see you,
And so pleased that you have come.
Down there sit our Mothers
With Daddies by their sides.
And all are pleased, as pleased as "PUNCH"
And bursting, too, with pride.

Today we heard some Mothers,
But they didn't mean us to,
Say that they'd be nervous
Until our parts are through.
But please don't worry, Mommies
We'll never let you down.
And when our program's through you'll say,
"You're the best kids in town".

Then there's all kind of stuff in the middle, that I'm a little lost on, and then she is doing the closing:

There's a parting speech that big folks make
And its called VALEDICTORY
But why they pick big words like that
Is more than I can see.

And now we'll make our parting speech
In words so very few
They come to you straight from our hearts,
"Goodbye, goodbye to you!"

It kind of seems like a lot to me, but when she's said it for me she's done it flawlessly. I'm still nervous though, because that is my job.

Lilli has gotten it into her head that since Elizabeth is done with preschool now, she gets to start. Like right now, not next fall. She was disappointed to learn that she isn't turning 4 tomorrow. She knows she has to be 4 to go to preschool, and she's smooshed it all together in her little head. I'm in no rush though, because even though that one gets mad if you call her little, she still likes to cuddle up and have me play "Baby Lilli" with her. And since she's all the baby I have left, I'm going to hold onto that as long as she'll let me.



Cami said...

And that's why my mom refers to us kids as "traitors." It used to offend me but now that I'm a mom, I feel the same way about my babies that soon won't be babies.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Yay, Elizabeth! So proud of her and everything she's done, we'll miss you at dance class tonight, but it's a big night for her anyway, so take video and lots of pictures and I want to see the replay!!