Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spin Cycle: Reunion Time

Do you know that its been so long since I blogged that I had forgotten how to link a site? Which was almost a tragedy because tonight's post is part of the Spin Cycle over at Sprite's Keeper.

The fabulous Keeper (who once upon a time was only my virtual friend, but after a delightful twist of fate and geography is happily also my friend in Real Life) was debating whether to restart the spinning, and I kind of promised that if she did I would start blogging again. I admit that I have kind of missed it, and I'm not finding Frontierville quite as fulfilling as I used to, so making rash promises was a good excuse to fire myself back up.

So clearly the direction of my spin should be towards the joys of reuniting with my blog. But since I'm not sure how long I'll stick to it, I thought I'd tell you about my 5 year high school reunion and my ambivalence to the whole reunion thing (There has since been a 10th, but since I was about to pop out a baby, I was in no shape to fly up to Ohio and so I have no clue how it went).

I got married the summer after I graduated from Ohio State. So at my reunion, which was at some non-memorable restaurant, I was a fresh young thing who hadn't even been married a full year. As a result I really enjoyed the fact that at the reunion David walked around with "Her husband" on his name tag the whole night. As not too many of my classmates were married at that point, I got a little thrill of being one of the few there with a husband. At least until one of my classmates who'd skipped the whole college thing and gone straight to the marriage and babies thing started flashing pictures of her daughter. That kind of burst my bubble since I was already pretty baby hungry. Which was too bad because that was pretty much the only enjoyable part of the reunion.

Unlike a lot of people, I had a pretty good time in high school. Not because I was the queen of popularity or anything, but I did things I liked, didn't do anything I didn't want to do because I thought it would somehow increase my status, and I had a nice sized group of true friends. So I didn't spend those 4 years miserably, but unfortunately some of my friends did. They graduated and never looked back, and some of them wouldn't have minded if our school burnt down with several members of the student body inside. So unfortunately very few people that I actually wanted to see (I used to be even worse at keeping in touch with people then I am now) came to our 5 year reunion. What's the point of reuniting with people that you never cared about in high school, and who didn't care about you (although suddenly at the reunion you are the person they were most hoping to see), when you can't even remember most of their names?

If it's just to try and one up each other on how we're all doing, I don't have time for that.

I will leave you with the lyrics to my favorite Jennifer Marks song, which says it pretty perfectly, but one note: My true reunion with the people I cared about in high school actually came through Facebook. I may never see them in person again, but at least I can "like" their status updates and comment on their photos and make sure they're doing well. That's my kind of reunion.

Words and music by Jennifer Marks & Ana GuiGui (borrowed from here. Go get it from iTunes because you will love the music)

If I wanted to know about your life
I would have called you on the phone
I would have let my fingers do the walking
If you wanted to prove you still had hair
I'm sorry I don't care
Hope my ambivalence doesn't disappoint you
I find myself asking why I even came
I'm choking on my answers
Then and NOW's the same
Why am I at my High School Reunion?

Did you hear that Trisha she had kids?
She wasn't married when she did
And Daryl is still living with his parents
And the home coming queen got fat
I could have told you that
I think she had it coming
So many people I don't remember names
It doesn't really matter
Then and NOW’s the same
But here I am
At my High School Reunion

I should have thrown this invitation out the window
Ripped it up instead of torturing myself
I was looking and I thought I found some answers
I talked to everyone
I'm Bored, I'm bored, I'm really, really bored

You know that Wendy got hers done
And they are not even
And now she's suing
But still she went and liposuct and even got a tuck
But I'm not sure I see a difference
So many rumors
Nothing ever changed
I feel so indifferent
Then and NOW's the same
But Here I am
At my High School Reunion


Now head on over to Sprite's Keeper and be a part of the Spin Cycle reunion!


Sprite's Keeper said...

Woo hoo! You got in on it! I missed my 10 year reunion since the tickets were insanely expensive and I didn't feel like shelling out all that money just to pretend I remembered people when I honestly didn't.
Great Spin, you're linked!

Stacy Uncorked said...

You're rockin' the Spin, Rachel! Great way to kick off blogging again... ;)

Facebook seems to be the way to go to reunite with the important people, doesn't it? Like Jen, I didn't go to my recent high school reunion because the tickets were atrociously expensive - tack that on to the cost of flying from PA to Seattle, my budget just couldn't withstand that battering...not to mention the prior reunion, while it was fun and my close friends were all there, wasn't 'all that'. At least not to justify the expense. ;) That song? PERFECT! :)

SC: Reunions - Love 'em or Hate 'em?

Mama Badger said...

I missed my 10 year all together. Nobody organizing it could find me (whoops...) You are one of the few people I know who look back at HS fondly. Good for you.

CaJoh said...

I know that there are some people who never want to go back to HS for any reunion. The funny thing I find is that so many of the people I never connected with in school I can today because we have more things in common.

Krystal said...

I didn't go to my highschool reunion because I wouldn't know which one to attend... lol I went to a high school until Junior year then I transferred to another school for my senior year but left early since I didn't want to re-take classes from my previous school and got my GED - both schools have me on their roster though! LOL Awesome spin!!

VandyJ said...

Not so up on the reunion thing myself. Facebook has let me see the ones I was friends with--most not in my class--and really, I'm not that interested in going. I might, I might not. It was a small town and who you were still counts--some.

Kate said...

LOL-Do you know that its been so long since I blogged that I had forgotten how to link a site?

I can totally relate to that! Great spin!