Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Not too many of these left, dagnabbit!

For some reason I haven't taken any pictures of the girls on one of our bike rides (well, the girls ride, David and I walk for now). And the big bummer is that while the North will be enjoying a summer of evening family bike rides, it will soon be too hot and buggy around here to even think about spending more than 5 minutes outside after dinner.

Tonight, though, was perfect for bike riding. It was beautifully warm, but not hot, there was a lovely breeze, and the wafting scent of orange blossoms was strong, but not overpowering. Ahhhhhh.

So here you go:
Yes, they're wearing pajamas. So?

Elizabeth at her squinty best:

Lilli on the go:
Sometimes I don't know how Lilli makes it so far on that tiny little tricycle, but she powers around the block like no body's business and miraculously doesn't wipe out. She absolutely can't wait to have her own two wheeler so she can "go fast, mama! Weally, weally, fast!"
I'm kind of afraid.
Of course by the time we get her a big girl bike she'll have to wait a while before it's bike riding season again, so maybe she'll be less reckless by then...
.....ahahhahahaha. I crack myself up.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Grr. Sprite's bike is sitting unused in our garage because she won't wear her helmet. I'm trying to get her into the habit now so I've decided to keep her from the bike until she begins wearing the headgear. We're in a stalemate right now.

Rachel said...

Hmmmmm. We have helmets somewhere. I completely forgot their existence until you said something. I was a helmet-less child, and completely forgot that you're supposed to have the kids wear them even if they're going 2 miles and hour and are with you. Now I'm probably going to be arrested.