Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Say it ain't so!

It's official.

I have my first gray hair.

I know this because I pulled it out for the third time today.

Twice before I saw something super metallic and silver gleaming at me when I looked in the mirror. I couldn't seem to get a good look at it, so I thought I must have something in my hair. The first time was near Christmas, so I actually thought somehow I had gotten tinsel in my hair. I finally realized it WAS a hair and pulled it out for a better look at it, but I couldn't get a read on it. Was it super blond, or was it white? It didn't have any friends up there, so I couldn't figure it out. The second time the glinting thing was much shorter, and when I pulled it out to see it, I still couldn't confirm the color, but I started to suspect what had happened. I've been watching for it to come back for the last month and a half.

It is indeed a gray hair.

But I'm only 30.

I'm calling it platinum blond.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Hee hee! John is getting grays in his beard. I keep pulling at them. He hates that.

Jamie said...

I have three of those little suckers. Mine are definitely silver. They started at 24. The hubs started getting them when we got married, my dad got the gray when I was born. Could there be a connection?

無尾熊可愛 said...
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MB said...

No worries! I have several. I name them after people who have probably caused know :)
I say, embrace it! It's not so bad. :) It just means we're a little older and wiser too

a.k.a. Olivia said...

I have more than one, and I'm a good 3 years younger than you are. When I turned 19 Judith told me that I was so old that I would have gray hair soon. I think she was just upset that I left to go to college.