Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fun with the girls

I had a great day today!

My parents are out of town, and, as you know, my dad watches the girls for me during the day, so I had to take a day and a half off.

Yesterday (the half day), we just went to the grocery store, got drive through food, and took a walk around the neighborhood after they got up from their nap. A nap that I was amazingly productive during.

Today, we really lived it up.

We spent two hours in the toy aisles of Target pushing all the buttons (one of the girls' favorite things to do).

We ate chinese:

We played:
(Elizabeth looking "powerful", having conquered the starfish)

(Lilli looking triumphant)

We ate ice cream:
(Poor Lilli, sweat and her head don't go together so well)

(Elizabeth ate her cone, more than half of Lilli's, and then asked me for a smoothie)
We went to the bookstore.

It was a lovely ladies day! (I finished off the day by getting all of my hair cut off-no, seriously, ALL of it-but that is a story for another day)
I have been told by several SaHM friends that if I was home with them every day I wouldn't find such constant joy in hanging out with these girls, and they're probably right.
But I think it would take a while to wear off.


Sprite's Keeper said...

I want one of those days!
Dude, the hair. Discuss. NOW!

Rachel said...

well, let's just say I asked for a trim...