Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fastest year ever...

Every so often I notice that the girls look a little bit older, or they act older, or something happens that makes me realize how much they've grown.

Tonight at the dinner table the girls had a lengthy conversation with me about digestion of all things (in simple terms of course, we just talk about tubes and bags inside you, and what they're called, and what happens to the food in the different parts of the system). This was brought on due to Elizabeth's first experience with....hmmm, to keep things delicate...a need for Mylicon. She's never had this problem before, even as a tiny baby she never had a moment's trouble getting any sort of air out of her. So she was hurting and upset, but was willing to be distracted by talk of digestion while Daddy ran to CVS to get Mylicon and consult the pharmacist. since we have never used this miracle drug before. She and Lilli both watch Sid the Science Kid on PBS, and already knew a surprising amount of information about digestion, but we had a good discussion anyway. Which made me realize that not too long ago Lilli wouldn't have been able to follow along with the topic, much less participate and ask questions that showed she understood. And feeling all sentimental about the passage of time, I went into my photo folders to check out last February.

What a difference a year makes indeed.


It amazes me. Where does the time go?


Sprite's Keeper said...

Wow! What a difference!
Sprite's imagination and questions are getting more and more complex every day. I'm afraid she's going to outgrow me soon.

Rachel said...

I know! I have the same worry! *sniff*

steenky bee said...

I can't imagine my two little ones being interested in digestion. Unfortunately for me, they're only interest is in the *end result*. And at dinner? That's just not a topic I'm willing to handle.