Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fascinating Fairies

It fascinates me that a child who has never seen Peter Pan could be so in love with Tinkerbell.

Elizabeth knew who Tinkerbell was long before she ever saw either of the Tinkerbell movies. But now that she has seen the movies (and owns one! Thanks Jen!) she wants as much Pixie Hollow paraphernalia as she can get her hands on. She pretty much only has books and some clothing items, but she does have a few well loved Tink figurines (not the ones recently recalled for excessive lead).

If it is possible, she loves some of Tinkerbell's friends even more than she loves Tinkerbell. So she was extremely excited to meet the fairies at the Magic Kingdom. She completely bought into the back story that we were shrinking to fairy size as we walked down the entrance hallway, and that we grew back after exiting, and could hardly contain her glee in the (delightfully short, but still relatively long) line.

When her favorite fairy, Rosetta, greeted her at the door, she couldn't believe her eyes. I know she doesn't look particularly excited in the below picture, but that is due to my camera skills.

We had the best Tinkerbell. She was so funny and genuinely seemed to like the girls. We have way more pictures than necessary of her making faces with them, and the three of them laughing together like best buddies.

The girls were excited to meet Silvermist. They seem to consider her very exotic and mysterious, and they kept talking about how pretty she was after they met her.

We went back to see the fairies on our last day in the parks at Elizabeth's request, being fully prepared and happy to meet Rosetta and Silvermist again if that was who would be available. So when the first fairy they met was Fawn, the girls were surprised and delighted. They had a very cute conversation with Fawn, in which I learned that Elizabeth's favorite animal is an elephant, and Lilli's is lion. I would have said Polar Bear and Cat respectively. That shows how well I know my daughters.

We did meet Tinkerbell again, but the second Tinkerbell was not as charismatic, so we'll just leave her out of the pictoral lineup. She was very nice, and even took note of me telling the cast member that the girls were SO HAPPY TO MEET TINK AGAIN *WINK* *WINK*, she just didn't have the right grin.
And beyond Tink, the super highlight of the trip, the ultimate possible fairy was waiting to greet the girls- Terrence. Elizabeth has such a crush on Terrence. She's developed a thing for Tinkerbell's second movie, and LOVES Terrence's part in it. The phrase "Knick Knock Knicketty Knock" is said way too often around our house for my liking. When she and Lilli play Pixie Hollow, she almost always makes Lilli be Terrence. Fortunately Lilli is a good sport.

The other fairy that Lilli usually has to be (Elizabeth is Tinkerbell of course. She's the bossy older sister, so of course she gets to choose) is Vidia. Elizabeth is very intrigued by Vidia, who, if you are not familiar with Pixie Hollow, is sort of a rude and conceited fairy. She doesn't think any other fairy's talent is as good as her own, and tries at times to get Tink in trouble. Elizabeth finds this naughtiness fascinating, probably because she is generally a Very Good Little Girl herself. So I think if she had met Vidia at the Magic Kingdom, she would have been thrilled.
I wish I had had some sort of schedule that would have let me know when we could have collected the fairies we were missing, so to speak, but I think we got pretty lucky to have some variety, and the girls were so happy.
Can you guess which movies we have watched the most since we came home?
I bet you can!

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Sprite's Keeper said...

I really hope we can get together tomorrow night! I have got a Terrence story! And right above Sprite's bed is a crystal balloon which Sprite immediately said was Tinker Bell's and she needs to find the septor. So cute!